298 Hardwired For Poor Health With Drs Robert Barrett and Louis Hugo Francescutti

298 Hardwired For Poor Health With Drs Robert Barrett and Louis Hugo Francescutti

January 19, 2021

When paradigms need shifting, we look to great research and coherent social observations…and a plan.

In their book Hardwired – How Our Instincts To Stay Healthy Are Making Us Sick  – Drs Robert Barrett and Louis Hugo Francescutti explain why we do what we do.

In this fascinating episode we cover:

•Why are we lacking the ability to adapt?

•What are the constraints of evolutionary adaptation that what we’re experiencing in modern day?

•The importance of genuine caring to improve your life.

•Smoking, Inactivity, Poor Nutrition effect accounts for 50% of the disease burden in North America

•3rd leading cause of preventable deaths in North America is medical errors. Some of these are due to outdated evolutionary hardwiring in communication.

•How we are all running on out-dated software

•One of the most powerful drives is social connection and that is HIGHLY manipulatable.

•How blinded we are in our own manipulation – especially when it comes to our own health and performance

•How does caring help us grow resilience from an evolutionary perspective.

•How social media allows us to hide from real life consequences of being a schmuck online

•We’ve evolved to fight, seek and search for things; food, sex, acceptance and it’s all readily available for us and it’s causing us real harm.

•What is the cookie and radish experiment?

•List of lifestyle HACKS or patches like increasing joy, tips for managing your children’s screen time etc.

•Baby boomers are nearing end of life…and we need their stories and wisdom.



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