Coaching testimonials

Sean McCormick Coaching Testimonials

“Sean is unbelievably helpful. His understanding of mind and body is special. I’ve definitely been able to apply our work to the football field.” 

Russell Okung – All Pro Lineman – San Diego Chargers – NFL

“Sean, with his energetic personality will help you see things in a different way. He will bring out your best.”

Steven Hauschka – All Pro Kicker – Buffalo Bills – NFL

“Sean is the perfect combination of passion, empathy, knowledge and experience. It’s no surprise that he’s guiding and empowering so many people.”

Ryan Munsey – Podcaster – Entrepreneur

“Sean is the closest to a self-actualized person I’ve ever met. I know many hockey-stick growth CEOs and investors who could benefit from learning from Sean.”

Neal Mody – Venture Capital Managing Director

“Sean McCormick – an up and coming thought leader in personal development and living the better life. Good heart, wise words – he has much to share.”

Peter Shmock – 2 time Olympian – Former Seattle Mariners Coach

“Life coaching with Sean has been a needed temperature check to align my personal and professional lives, and get a current checkup on the path that I’m on, and where I’m headed. Sean has helped be boil down and synthesize my core values, and weekly reaffirms how I’m demonstrating and living these out personally and professionally.”

S. E. 

“Sean has helped pinpoint some of the resistances that have been holding me back. By identifying the issue together, and brainstorming solutions, I have experienced an accelerated rate of personal growth in a short amount of time.”


“Sean says every session that he wants to provide me with as much value as possible, and he does. In one hour, we’re able to identify opportunities for me to grow in my life, create a plan for that growth and be accountable to it.”


“To be truly successful in one’s endeavors a mirror is needed to reflect the unclear parts of our greater desires and dreams. Sean’s remarkable guidance provides such a mirror to allow our desires and dreams to manifest into tangible reality. Because of my work with Sean my path has never been so vibrantly clear.”


Although I’ve only been doing coaching with Sean for about a month and a half, he’s been instrumental with helping get my ideas sorted about goals and direction.