1 on 1 Coaching

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What does coaching do for you?


• Clarification on what you want

• Collaboration with you to find an actionable path to create the life that you want

• Identification on the blockages in your life and how to break through them

• Helping you stay accountable to the progress you’ll make


Why should you consider investing in a coach?


• You’re either stuck, or backsliding and not sure why

• You’ve tried a number things to create momentum in your life and nothing is working

• You’re feeling unfocused, uninspired or generally lost right now

• You know that you want deeper meaning in your home life and career, but don’t know where to start


Coaching Areas:

•Classic Personal Development: Goal setting, Mindset coaching, Tools and Strategies for resilience

•Performance Optimization: Lifestyle design, Health optimization, Stress management, Energy enhancement

•Career Development: Salary enhancement, Professional leverage, Resume optimization, Interview prep

•Spiritual Advisement: Deepening consciousness, Purpose alignment, Connection to higher power


I’ve helped over 200 people – from all walks of life – make massive progress in their lives. I look forward to hearing from you. I always offer a free 30-45 Coaching Strategy Session for people who are interested. Take me up on it!