328 Blood Markers Show You Your Internal Age With Dr. Gil Blander

328 Blood Markers Show You Your Internal Age With Dr. Gil Blander

January 7, 2021

We take better care of our cars than we do our bodies. And there’s no trading in your body.

In order to get a clear picture of what’s going on in your body, you have to do the bloodwork.

Vitamin D, Stress hormones, Hormones, Lipids and more – are all essential for truly understanding where you’re at health-wise.

Dr. Gil Blander is the founder of Inside Tracker which has emerged as the critical aspect of personal health knowledge.

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In this insightful episode we cover:

•You take better care of your car than you do your body

•How Inside Tracker helps you live a longer better life

•Why your doctor can’t help you optimize your health.

•Whats happening inside your body, and what’s the right intervention to optimize it’s performance

•All recommendations are based on peer reviewed scientific publications

•Test, follow the recommendations and test again in 6 months

•The difference between sick care and health optimization

•Normal is boring. Be optimal

•12 years developing the recommendations

•How to read the Inside Tracker Results

•How Inside Tracker comes up with your inner age

•How does the gamification work in improving health



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