306 Run Smarter With Brodie Sharpe

306 Run Smarter With Brodie Sharpe

January 7, 2021

There is a ton of bad information when it comes to running.

Here’s why:

Runners are consistent, independent, tough and often obsessed. Running is such a basic movement, but also divisive topic. You either love it or you hate it. EVERYONE has an opinion on how to run correctly.

Brodie Sharp – host of the Run Smarter Podcast joins me for a frank conversation about running.

In this episode we cover:

•Why you shouldn’t static stretch, foam roll, or massage your muscles hard.

•Why is running a good idea?

•How to start a running regimen

•The benefits of running slow

•Where to start if you want to begin running now….

•Finding your adaptation sweet spot

•Running suggestions for new runners

•Common running injuries

•Debunking running’s connection with osteoarthritis

•The misconceptions about rehab devices, stretching

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