B Strong Training

B Strong Training

B Strong BFR Bands allow you to exercise smarter, safer, and improve overall strength and fitness in less time with greater results.

The bands are worn around the upper portion of the arms/or legs to safely restrict the blood in the limb. Unlike traditional BFR bands, our bands are inflated to individualized pressures prescribed by our B Strong Training System.

You’re able to achieve a full-body workout in only 20-30 minutes while reducing the risk of injury from heavy weights. B Strong can be incorporated in any workout routine, whether you like to run, swim, bike, do yoga, or lift weights.

Everything you need in one blood flow restriction training package! This full body BFR workout package includes:

  • 4 BFR Bands: 2 Arm Bands, 2 Leg Bands
  • 1 Hand Pump
  • 1 Carrying Case
  • 1 license for our Guidance App

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