191 Intermittent fasting - the missing piece of your health with Siim Land

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Skipping meals may be key for your health - ketosis and other protocols

Hello, World!

Ketosis, Fasting, Autophagy, Optimizing your physiology. 

Siim Land joins us to dive into how and why you should be considering intermittent fasting. Siim's popular Youtube channel, podcast and bio-hacking conference cover the nuts and bolts of optimizing your performance - bingo! 

We cover:

• Eating for autophagy

• Fasting techniques and protocols

• Eating windows and sleep quality

• How to avoid saggy skin after rapid weight loss

• Ketosis for mental sharpness

• Plus a new supplement I've never heard of

Plus more of course. 

As always, thanks for listening. 

192 Carnivore Diet Podcast with Shawn Baker MD

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Zero carbs, auto-immune disease alleviation, the vegan agenda, sustainability, de-bunking meat myths, fasting

Hello, World!

And here we go!

Shawn Baker MD - the leading proponent of the carnivore diet joins us for a second appearance on the OPP.

This approach to primal eating is gaining popularity across the globe due to the results people are experiencing. Alleviation of gut issues, lupus, Rheumetoid arthritis, chronic fatigue and chronic inflammation.

We dive deep into it's core as a food-allergy elimination diet and we cover the vegan agenda and the origins of vegetarianism in the western world, de-bunking the methane pollution myth, "Clean Meat," meat alternatives, dietary approaches for children, what eating only animal products is doing to my - ahem...waste protocol and much much more. 

This episode may shock you....and that's ok, we all need a little shocking from time to time. 

I (Sean) am participating World Carnivore Month Jan 2019 to see how my body responds and also to see what it does to a candida issue I'm dealing with in my gut. I share some of my experience in this episode too.


193 Epigenetics, Fasting, 5G fears & Toxin accumulation with Dr. Stephen Cabral

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Dr. Stephen Cabral was debilitatingly sick from age 17-27 and was determined to figure out what standard western medicine couldn't. 

He traveled to India, China and Europe - saw over 50 doctors and underwent over 100 treatment protocols to solve what was ailing him. 

Why was he sick? Why weren't the pharmaceuticals effective in treating his symptoms? Sound familiar? 

We all know someone who is dealing with a medical issue that continues to elude western medicine. Well, consider The Rain Barrel Effect, which Dr. Cabral uses to characterize the accumulation of toxins in the body as a leading cause of disease. 


195 HGH boosting breath work, Big Pharma ills, SOMA breath with The Renegade Pharmacist Niraj Naik

The Renegade Pharmacist Nirah Naik

The Renegade Pharmacist Nirah Naik

Hello, World!

The Renegade Pharmacist joins us for a fascinating conversation about personal health, self-empowerment, healing the self through breath, meditation, yoga and dance. His SOMA Breath program is a powerful process of healing from the inside out. BELIEVE ME...watch the testimonials on the site. 

Niraj was a stressed out pharmacist for a major corporation in the UK which lead him to bed rest and pooping blood 40 times a day before he realized he had to make a massive shift in his life. The diagnosis and subsequent pharmaceuticals he was taking for his colitis proved ineffective in treating him.

His health and mental well-being got so bad that he began to have suicidal thoughts. It was the principles of breath and movement, plus colostrum and Aryuvedic eating approaches that healed him and lead him on a journey to help others. 

NOW - Niraj produces music festivals, works with Wim Hof, hosts healing retreats and advocates for healing from within.


COLOSTRUM: Get your hands on the gut healing, vitality boosting colostrum that helped Niraj literally turn his health around. 

Head to Soma Breath and use SOMA20 for 20% off breath work protocols, classes and more. 

In this Episode we cover:

• The blood-sucking western medical structure

• Aryuvedic principals for our current world

• Measuring your health through timed breath holds

• Intermittent hypoxia

• Endogenous DMT/Altered States through your breath

• The power of the healing in a group

• Stem Cell optimization through breathing

And much more! Pull up Notes on your phone and follow along this fascinating and jam-packed episode!

189 Uplevel Your Emotional Intelligence with Dan Doty from Evryman

189 Uplevel Your Emotional Intelligence with Dan Doty from Evryman

Recently featured in a powerful Mens Health Magazine article -  Dan Doty from Evryman shares with us some of his insights on male emotions and what we can all do in order to grow. Facilitating men's groups and outdoor expeditions all over the country - Evryman is doing the deep work that so many men have never done. 

The way you handle your emotions are holding you back from living optimal. Here's where to start.