Hauschka with the sweetest follow through

Hauschka with the sweetest follow through


I'm sure that if you're reading this - you have great ideas and aspirations that you just haven't executed on. Sound familiar? It's natural. We can all get easily distracted by...stuff. I mean, c'mon, Netflix is awesome. But just because your friend got tickets to a Bee Gees cover band concert...doesn't mean you should hold off on pursuing what will truly make you feel whole and fulfilled. 

Thing is - it's not always easy to follow through on things. Discipline, execution and follow-through are not innate, those are learned skills. And one way to learn those skills and start putting them into practice is by being coached. Follow-through can start by having someone hold you accountable. 

Maybe you decided on your last coaching session that you were going to prioritize your various passion projects. If your life coach is on the ball - you'll be checking in with them to hold yourself accountable...and if you don't, you'll be hearing from them. This is a great way to get into a healthy habit that will serve you for the rest of your life. Learn how to do what you said you were gonna do. 

Be open to being coached into learning a new skill. A skill that will take your game to the next level of awesomeness. 



Do something bold and different...

Do something bold and different...


We were made to re-invent ourselves frequently. Whether it's body, mind or spirit, we can decide to be different, better or more evolved everyday if we choose. I believe that love and free will govern the cosmos and in that light, I intend to will myself into a new life phase.  

Today is the start of my re-invention. When I started Float Seattle in 2012, I set out to help as many people as possible achieve relaxation, rejuvenation and mindfulness through floating - aka - sensory deprivation. Now, I've decide to learn another craft, and apply my unique skill set in order to profoundly help people through life-coaching. 

This is where you come in. 

If you're looking to get better...if you're looking to BE better, I want to help. 

I'm not a therapist or a doctor or a guru. I'm just a guy, in his 30s who is dedicated to helping people on their path. Why am I qualified? Because I jumped the corporate ship at 30 and decided to live a life on my own terms...started a business, had a baby and got better at living. I've learned (and keep learning) tips, disciplines, tools and practices that have elevated my life, and I want to share them. 

Here's to infinite beginnings.