Holy crap. Looking back - that is a ton of meat.

Holy crap. Looking back - that is a ton of meat.

I’m ready to eat some veggies. But, it was an excellent experiment in a massive shift in dietary approach.

If you haven’t heard the term BIOHACKER yet, that’s ok.

The term refers to a person who experiments with their physical body and environment in order to find hacks that optimize their performance.

This one month experiment was part of the my participation of World Carnivore Diet Month. Shawn Baker popularized the carnivore diet approach, which is gaining a lot of popularity. The anecdotal evidence shows that it mimics a food allergy elimination diet, by simplifying the diet, and resetting the gut microbiome to optimize for non-inflammatory foods. Public figures like Jordan Peterson, have come out as strong advocates of the diet, and it’s power to help reduce symptoms of auto-immune disease and even depression.

The approach has resonated with many people, and to see the before and after pictures of folks who went from a standard American diet, or vegan diet to the carnivore diet are pretty astounding.

Folks with distended bellies, frailness, low energy, low libido transition into more energy, more vitality and muscle growth.

All that said, I’m not advocating for this approach, I’m just sharing what’s already out there. For me, it has been a bit of a stretch.

Here are some of the results I can share from my own experiment with the Carnivore Diet.

• Increased muscle mass (my workouts are still using the X3 Bar)

• Slight increase in libido. Not massively increased, but a little more sex drive than usual.

• Major changes in my appetite - I believe it has reset and lowered my cravings in a very noticeable way.

• I feel less obsessed with food. Although it’s been a strict approach, I think about food less between meals.

• Bowel movements: It’s said that when you eat animal products exclusively, your body uses all the material more effectively, so you literally have less waste. I can attest that I went number-2 about half of the amount I usually do over this one month period. And I don’t feel constipated. I just didn’t have to go as much

• Joy in food. Kind of a double edged sword. I didn’t eat out as much…which is a good thing. There just weren’t as many options at restaurants that I could eat. It was just less fun.

• A tad more focused…maybe because of the appetite change, but maybe because I was only eating very nutrient dense food which is high in fat, which fuels the brain.

• Cooking at home. It was a stretch. Luckily my wife is patient, but the house constantly smelled like meat. And since she doesn’t eat bacon, and I probably had two packages of bacon per week, she’s happy it’s over.

• It’s expensive. I try to eat only grass-fed, pasture raised, line-caught, wild animals and that added up quick.

So where do I go from here?

Pescatarian for the month of February. Ya gotta eat one way or another, and I’m not switching to vegetarian or vegan or anything like that, but I think my body wants so focus on plant based for a bit, with the addition of fish and shellfish. PLUS - eating in a way that’s in contrast to Carnivore will give me a good idea of how my body will react to a major shift.


I don’t know. Do you feel like the food you eat is making you your best? Have you done bloodwork in a while to find out what you’re deficient in? Does it look good to you?

Whatever your answers to these questions are - I encourage everyone to experiment with your diet, try new things, and track how you feel when you eat the way you do. You never know, you may be able to increase your performance by 25% if you changed the way you ate…it’s worth experimenting.

Thanks for reading!

See you on the internet.