It’s been a minute since I posted anything publicly this one is a little heady - bear with me for a few minutes with the hopes that in reading this, you will leave with something useful that directly applies to your life.

None of us want to feel anxious or depressed.

But so many of us are.

We live in a world that is not meant to bring us a feeling of purpose or peace in our heart. We live in a world (like it or not) that operates on money and power, where bids for our attention and purchasing habits drive our reality.

From an evolutionary psychology perspective, we’ve evolved to fight and survive and procreate. And our capitalist, materialist reality is STRESSFUL.

We’re barraged by ads, toxins and cheap culture - all day long and it’s really hard to slow down. It’s hard to remember to breathe and to think about what we want from our life.

Speed begets speed and we find ourselves doing what we think we should, rather than listening to our inner voice. We second guess ourselves, lose confidence and settle - and it’s eating us up inside.

We even forget that we get to choose the degree in which we participate in the race.

The only way to step out of the matrix, is to make the decision to work on ourselves.

It’s pretty straightforward - it’s not a new idea. The greatest philosophers have been thinking and writing about this forever. When we develop our mind body and spirit in order to keep growing we become impervious to the bullshit in the world. It just doesn’t effect us as much.

People are going to be terrible, things are going to go wrong, we’re going to experience loss and failure, we will suffer.

All of this unavoidable, but how we are when our lives go sideways, dictates whether we crumble under the pressure, or learn and then bounce back.

If we’re feeling flexible, nourished and on a mission we’re able to rally when confronted by hardship. If we’re in a good spot mentally, physically and spiritually - our lives continue with a bounciness and optimism that runs through every cell of our body.

Only when can navigate through the ups and downs of life gracefully, can you become more clear on what it is that you want to do with it.

If we’re feeling obligated, lethargic and edgy, those little hiccups in our lives become major roadblocks. We’ve neglected to work on ourselves: out of shape, scatter-brained and detached. It’s hard to live with purpose in work or relationships when you’re constantly just trying to get by.

The path to a purposeful life is work on the self. Because when we’re working on ourselves, the best of us can step forth and we can recognize new opportunities that we would have missed otherwise. Our mission becomes more clear and we can live each day with greater purpose.

Broad strokes, I know, but watch: as you work more on yourself - tune up the ol vessel - little synchronicities will present themselves to encourage you on the path to living with more purpose.