Aaaaaaand poof...you're meditating

Aaaaaaand poof...you're meditating

We all know that feeling.

Maybe we haven't felt it in a while... but we all know that feeling. 

It's Sunday morning and you're waking up without an alarm. You're eyes aren't open yet and you're sense of hearing isn't quite tuned in yet. You're not really awake, but you're not asleep either. Your senses aren't grasping for stimuli, and you lie there totally still, totally blissful.

If you're a parent like me - you're likely not familiar with this scenario, but you can remember it....

Whether it lasts for 5 seconds or 30...you were in a meditative state. 

This is the closest description I can offer for those who are not familiar with a meditative state.


And feel that feeling of stillness and bliss that you experience on Sunday mornings. 

Here's where we'll jump off. 


The benefits of meditation are well referenced. We know some of what it does for the brain. Perhaps more interestingly, we know that epiphanies, invention and transcendent spiritual experiences are often linked to meditative or visionary states. Also, when you dig into it, you'll find that many many successful modern entrepreneurs, creatives, artists and spiritual leaders also have a daily meditation practice...and that's what I'd like to focus on. 

Tara Brach - a meditation teacher whose guided meditations I love, says this.

"Meditation is evolution's strategy to bring out our full potential."

I totally agree.

I've been meditating in one form or another since I was around 12 years old - and it's by far the best tool I use for optimizing my potential. It's been crucial in my sports, work/career, in my spiritual practice and for managing my high energy and stress. My parents learned TM - or Transcendental Meditation - in college and taught it to me as a way to calm myself and my mind. I was a VERY busy kid and my folks figured that giving me a tool I could use to calm myself would prove beneficial (especially for them). Meditation is ultimately what led me into the path of entrepreneurship. Opening a float center was the perfect marriage of meditation, helping others, healing, raising others vibration, and spacey new age stuff.

Furthermore, meditating throughout the conception of Float Seattle, the planning phase, stress, launch, management and growth of the businesses helped me find solutions to problems.

Here's how meditation will change your life. 

We are inundated with info all day everyday. I've heard the number of thoughts we have everyday is somewhere around 65,000. It's hard enough to focus on any one thing...let alone juggling a full life with a job, a family, bills, personal goals etc. Our bodies, brains and spirit(s) are aching for a break from the consensus reality. Many of us, rarely give ourselves a chance to be still while we're awake. I'll repeat that point. Many of us almost never sit still. Think of the last time you sat somewhere (preferably alone) silently with your phone off? That vacation you took a year ago, when you sat quietly by the pool? 

We're so caught up in our lives that we don't take the time to enhance, nourish and optimize it. Meditation is the solution. 

Meditation makes us superhuman. It unlocks the potential inside us. It gives us time to ourselves and space for the best of you to come forward. Think of all the good ideas you have before drifting off to sleep. Think of all the clarity you have during a long shower. That's because you're not near your phone. There's also the negative ions from the shower, but that's a different blog post. 

When we prioritize stillness, we find that richness, love, peace, perspective and often solutions present themselves. 


I believe that when we're in meditation, we are more accessible to our pantheon of spirit guides, angels, masters and god.

"WHOA Sean, that's out there..."

I know. 

I've had the following experiences in meditation:

• Astral travel or out-of-body experiences (involuntarily and voluntarily)

• Premonitions (namely that I would have a son and a daughter...I was 19 at the time)

• Connection and communication with several of my spirit guides (currently)

• Profound states of the interconnectedness of everything

• The decision to start a float center and get into coaching

Some of the most important decisions in my life have come from powerful meditations. 


It's about finding inspiration. Whatever you believe about the concept of spirit, or divine intelligence, we undoubtedly find inspiration from meditation. When we're calm, awake and detached from the mental rigors of the day, something happens. I'll tell you, inspiration rarely comes from watching Narcos on Netflix, or from refreshing your facebook feed. Inspiration comes from within us. We are all born with an internal drive, an inborn power to progress forward in our lives, and it's easily missed if we're not giving ourselves a chance to bring it forth.

Obviously - the biggest barrier to starting a meditation practice is lack of knowledge.

"So I just sit there and breathe?"

"NOT thinking is impossible for me, I can't turn my brain off."

"I got bored after 2 minutes and bailed."  

"I don't know where to start."

Here's a meditation primer. Get Headspace. If you need an app to get you going - this is likely the most popular and impactful meditation app available. I've used it, and I really like it. (But, it's not what I do in my own meditation practice...that'll come in a later post) I also suggest this as a starting point for many of my clients that want to get into meditation but don't know where to start. It's solid. 

There many approaches to meditation: 



Zazen (Zen Meditation)


Guided Visualizations

Here is a more animated explanation of mindfulness meditation. 

Floating - this is a little different - floating is an ideal environment for meditation

Simply put, meditation allows you to recognize your mental state without reacting to it. We are all hardwired - and reinforced through our incarnate experience to have emotional reactions to our thought. Don't trust your thoughts AND don't allow your thoughts to control your life. When we develop a meditation practice, we are able to free ourselves from our visceral reactions to the thoughts we have. That discernment, and realization that we have control over how we react in situations is liberating. We can focus more keenly, we can navigate the world with more grace and we can create enrichment from within. We get out of the way of the flow of energy, and we can tap into our own power and uniqueness. It's literally like having a superpower. 

Since I'm a coach, this is where I say... 

"Ok, so what are you prepared to DO about it?"

Now you know that it can radically change your life and bring richness to the rat race - and it's free, what are you waiting for? What's stopping you from starting today? Right now? If you want to dive deeper...lemme know.