Are you the type of person who gets jazzed about the change in season? Days get a little longer, weather gets a little nicer, does that pump you up?

It pumps me up...big time.

Suddenly there's just so much opportunity, more growth, more time. Everyone else seems to be in a better mood too. I even feel like I have more energy. Well this is the perfect time of the year to clean up some shtuff if your life that no longer serves you. 

Here are 5 ways to Spring clean your lifestyle.

1. Take advantage of more daylight. The sun is up earlier, and goes down later, so what are you doing to optimize your lifestyle? Your body has a natural circadian rhythm that literally wants you to go Carpe the Diem. If you listened closely to your physiology it would feel natural getting up at dawn and going nighty-night at dusk. Are you not a morning person? This is the perfect time of year to try. Try running, TRY MEDITATING (it may be most redeeming thing you do for the rest of your life), try just getting a head-start on the day over-all...it's really satisfying. 

2. Purge stuff you don't need. Physical stuff. Literally do some Spring cleaning. All the clutter and B.S. that you've been hanging onto since last summer...let it go, it's not serving you any more. "It's too cold" "I just haven't gotten around to it" "I don't have the time." MAKE THE TIME. All that stuff; clothing, keepsakes, trinkets, clutter - it's a karmic drag on your spirit, it's keeping you in the state you're in. This is your chance to take off that backpack you've been carrying around since August. There is not a more satisfying thing than to cross something off your list that's been wearing on you for months. Spring clean your stuff. 

3. Purge mentalities that are no longer serving you. Clean out your spiritual closet. The change in season and days, is the natural order of the planet telling you to switch things up. How? Well, Floating is a great way to reboot your system. Go for a hike. Walk barefoot in the grass somewhere. Take an opportunity for a psychedelic experience - yeah, you're an adult in control of your own consciousness, so do something big to change your mentality. Write in a notebook, and get down on paper what you've been carrying around in your gourd. See a psychic/intuit/healer/shaman (a good one) if you don't know any, email me. Do what you have to do in order to clean out your mentality. 

4. Plant some seeds. It's the Spring isn't it? Set some goals. Put things out into the universe that you want. Talk to a life coach - someone who is trained to help you get what you want out of life. If you're new to goal setting, that's ok. The key is after you set the goals, you work backwards to create a plan for how to reach those goals. Makes sense right? You want to eat crab cakes tonight, well, that's gonna require some ingredients and plan of attack my friend. Spring time is perfect for setting goals and really stating what it is you want. 

5. Get your mind and body right. When you're mind is firing on all cylinders you are at your best, same goes with your bod. I'm all about least path of resistance, and minimum effective dose. How can I optimize how I eat, exercise to get the most? As a serious bio-hacker, I take a ton of vitamins, and nootropics to help me be more awesome. Here's a short-list of supplements I take:

Ciltep, Krill Oil, Magnesium, D3, Bio-Creatine, BCAAs, Dopamine/Serotonin Brain Food

In addition, I drink a Kale Shake every day that has the following ingredients in it, it's not for taste:

Dino Kale, 1 clove garlic, 4 celery stalks, half apple, golf-ball size chunk ginger, lemon squeeze

As for workouts, they vary, especially with a 3 week old baby at home at the moment: 

High Intensity Interval Training 3 days a week, 1-2 hour walk 3 days a week, Sports: soccer BJJ

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, this is a great time to Spring Clean your Lifestyle. With just a few tweaks you may find that you've made yourself more awesome and ultimately more fulfilled and motivated to go follow your path. No one is going to do this work for you - it has to be you. But of course, if you want a little extra help in this thing, fill out the form and lets get after it.