Just one way to get into that intuition

Just one way to get into that intuition


Think for a moment the last time you trusted your gut and it paid off. A relationship? A job? A financial decision? Maybe you avoided something or someone and that turned out to be the right call. We all have an inborn barometer or instinct. Some of us put a lot of stock in that instinct, some don't. Some of us work hard to develop our intuition, some pay very little attention to it at all.

“I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that.”

“Something tells me this person is good for me.”

“I don’t know why, but I feel like I should call my cousin.”

There are lots of ways to develop that intuition: self talk, medication, floating, psychedelics, nature immersion etc. But regardless of how in touch you are with your intuition, there's no denying its importance in your life and your Life Path. There's no denying that your sense of a thing, informs your decisions around that thing.

Data collection is great. Decision-making based on reductionism and materialism is also great.

But finding your Life Path doesn’t happen through reductionism.

It starts from a feeling. It starts from a deep sense around that thing. Do you get feelings or inspiration around certain topics or activities? Are you a people person working all day at a desk by yourself? Are you drawn to the outdoors? Is Art and artistic expression something you're passionate about? Is comedy something you have a knack for? Take a second to write down the top five things you're into. Of those 5 things, do you DO anything about them? There's a reason you wrote those 5 things...if you haven't written them down yet do it now.

Trust your attraction to these things. Have you set up your life to involve those things?

Awesome work! You've managed to incorporate your favorite things into your life, and that's not particularly common. Have you made one or more of these things your career or your Life Path? Spectacular!

But you may not be there yet.


What are you waiting for?

Do you nourish yourself with any of those 5 things?

Trust your attraction, follow your passions, listen to that voice inside you that says “Go for it!”


When you start to live your life in alignment with the things you love, you SHOW UP to the world in a way that attracts new opportunities. I truly believe that the Universe operates on Love and Free Will, and when you start doing more of the things you love, you start to touch on a flow state. You start to vibrate along with the things you love. Momentum begins to roll in your favor. Then, your likelihood of recognizing new opportunities increases, because you're already vibrating on that level.

Call it Reticular Activation System, call it The Secret, call it The Law of Attraction. Call it new wave mumbo-jumbo.

But you will find that the more you are align with the things you love...the more those things you love align with you. Your ability to recognize your Life Path will Emerge!