Do something bold and different...

Do something bold and different...


We were made to re-invent ourselves frequently. Whether it's body, mind or spirit, we can decide to be different, better or more evolved everyday if we choose. I believe that love and free will govern the cosmos and in that light, I intend to will myself into a new life phase.  

Today is the start of my re-invention. When I started Float Seattle in 2012, I set out to help as many people as possible achieve relaxation, rejuvenation and mindfulness through floating - aka - sensory deprivation. Now, I've decide to learn another craft, and apply my unique skill set in order to profoundly help people through life-coaching. 

This is where you come in. 

If you're looking to get better...if you're looking to BE better, I want to help. 

I'm not a therapist or a doctor or a guru. I'm just a guy, in his 30s who is dedicated to helping people on their path. Why am I qualified? Because I jumped the corporate ship at 30 and decided to live a life on my own terms...started a business, had a baby and got better at living. I've learned (and keep learning) tips, disciplines, tools and practices that have elevated my life, and I want to share them. 

Here's to infinite beginnings.