WHEN YOUR JOB ISN'T FULFILLING ANYMORE (or never was) (6 min read)


It’s a topic that comes up REALLY frequently in coaching sessions with clients. In fact, it’s becoming one of the main topics I’ve been coaching people on. And it’s near and dear to my heart.

Feeling unfulfilled was also the major catalyst for me leaving my kush 6-figure-salary sales job to open the most obscure business imaginable.

You’re probably already thinking: ‘This is me! I don’t feel fulfilled in my job!” - and you’re not alone.

A recent study shows that only 51% of people are actually satisfied with their job. For analysts, this is actually an improvement in the statistics, with the last 8 years showing a increase in job satisfaction peaking at 51%

It begs the question, why do are we not fulfilled in our J-O-Bs?

FOMO? Too woke? Bored? Want deeper meaning? Uncool people?

Regardless of why you’re not fulfilled let alone satisfied in your job - the reality is… now is the time to take a look at it - because it’s not going to improve on it’s own.

In fact, it’s going to be harder and harder to ameliorate the situation.


Because your lifestyle is going perpetuate you staying put. You’re ability to think outside your lifestyle is going to be increasingly challenging as you buy more cool shit to show people you’re successful. Ok, that’s a little harsh, but cars, homes, kids, and generally being over-leveraged goes hand in hand with your professional advancement.

Think of it this way. You work your ass off in a job that’s just, ok - not fulfilling, but bearable. You don’t like the job, but you’re a good person and you do enough to continue to grow. And grow you do. And while you’re growing in your career, you buy stuff that rewards you for that hard work. Status increases and so do the ties that bind. Then you wake up at 40 thinking…wtf have I been doing for 15 years?

Sound familiar?


Here are some ideas:

• Find redeeming hobbies

• Quit your job and find one that is more fulfilling. Not perfect, but better.

• Re-assess your values. If you don’t want to be identified with your job, identify with your church, team, hobby

• Start a meditation practice (begin to think more clearly so you can know yourself and your needs)

• Set greater goals for yourself (goals centered around everything not associated with your job)

• Volunteer. Re-direct your attention to those in greater need. Re-orient your vision toward service

• Practice GRATITUDE.

Here’s the tricky part. If you’re unfulfilled in your job - chances are, you’ll be able to re-direct your attention enough to continue enduring it. Ya know? If you really want to distract yourself from the fact that you spend 40-hours a week (1/3 of your life) doing something that isn’t fulfilling…you may be successful. But, keep in mind, if you are successful, you may be doing yourself a major disservice.

You’re worthy of living the type of life that you desire.

The next step is to begin deciding what type of life you want.

THAT IS THE REAL WORK. That is the work of self-discovery on the path of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 10.46.07 AM.png

So many of us are still stuck in the first two or three base levels. We have followed cultural pressures to an end that isn’t working. We’ve taken care of food, water warmth and rest - we have a place to stay, food to eat. Maybe we’ve advanced to place where we feel safe and secure. Some income, maybe some savings - baseline security.

If at this point in reading, you’re starting to get defensive - ask yourself why?

Many more of us who have managed the first two steps in the pyramid are striving for the third step in the hierarchy. We’re solid, and organized, but lack enriching relationships or a partner to love and be loved by. So, we fill our free time seeking relationships that will give us greater meaning and depth, and we stay there.

Ask yourself how long you’ve been looking for relationships that are fulfilling? Years probably. And we hang out there sometimes for the rest of our lives - never really developing past it because of _________. We’re sorta organized, but not growing any more. Stuck in a job that we hate.

This is where the excuses come in: The economy. Trouble in family life. Not enough time in the day. Been sick. Too scary. Not qualifies. It’s not that bad.

And this is where I end.

If you’re ready to move forward and create the life you want - book me for a free 15-min intro coaching call and we can talk about it.

I’ve helped many people out of this pickle. I can help you too.


I rarely do selfies with strangers, but I couldn’t help myself.

I rarely do selfies with strangers, but I couldn’t help myself.

To behold Paul Selig channel spirits is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

And I’ve seen a lot of unusual things.

His method of conveying the wisdom from the non-physical teachers (whom I’ve come to understand is/are Melchizedek) looks something like a possession. With a wireless microphone, he speaks very quickly in a grumbly voice that’s hard to understand, then repeats the words more clearly in is own normal voice.

“I know who you are in truth.”


“The small self thinks.”


“And the true self knows.”


Paul conveys these teaching for sometimes 20 minutes without stoping in a deluge of spiritual wisdom. Sitting up on the stage with table beside him with one little candle lit, Paul explains to the audience that he is only a conduit.

His role is to listen to the wisdom of a non-physical entity or entities and relay it through his mouth with his eyes closed. He explains that he is/continues to be fairly reluctant as a spiritual figure. But, as I’ve come to understand and know a number of channels, mediums and spiritual teachers, it’s clear of his gifts are undeniable - so they may as well embrace it.


We live in a time where connection to the divine has been objectified especially in Western culture. We are so distracted by ads, entertainment, deadlines and money pressures that we don’t make a time to open up our crown chakra is to receive deep wisdom. Sure, some of us go to church, pray or meditate, but there is an inherent value in paying attention to a more raw and unadulterated message like the one Paul is sharing.

My experience at the workshop with 60 other people was one of intention and presence with other people who are also curious about spiritual teachings. Even if you’re a daily meditator or a regular floater or a disciplined Yogi, there is still so much to understand about the non-physical world.

Consciousness for most of us, is not something we pay much attention to. And yet, it is at the heart of our reality. We cannot avoid our consciousness. It is the filter for everything physical and non-physical in our lives. It is also the filter for all things spiritual in our lives. Bu yet, we don’t think about it much.

It is the portal to all of the pleasures of our lives. It is also the portal to darkness and fear. So, there’s work to do in conditioning it. How we think of our selves in a massive inroad to understand our consciousness and our orientation in the world.

One of the key takeaways from the workshop was the distinction between the small self and the divine self. We can think of the small self as our ego. Who we have constructed ourselves to be. Our small self has been shaped by culture, our parents, certain events in our life that have informed who we think we are from the outside in. Our small self is a reflection of the external.

The divine self on the other hand is from the inside out. It is our true essence that is unavoidable. Our divine self/highest self/spiritual self is inherently connected with source. We all came from somewhere, and we will all return somewhere. And even thinking about that for a moment allows us to understand our true nature.

Think for a moment about the line - “The small self thinks and the true self knows.”

There are actions we can take in order to connect more deeply with our divine selves. I urge all of us to find ways to connect more deeply from the inside out. This is not New Age mumbo-jumbo, this is a concerted effort to understand ourselves at a deeper level, so that we may improve our quality of life and prepare ourselves for our inevitable death. Then rebirth. Then death again, and so on.




Holy crap. Looking back - that is a ton of meat.

Holy crap. Looking back - that is a ton of meat.

I’m ready to eat some veggies. But, it was an excellent experiment in a massive shift in dietary approach.

If you haven’t heard the term BIOHACKER yet, that’s ok.

The term refers to a person who experiments with their physical body and environment in order to find hacks that optimize their performance.

This one month experiment was part of the my participation of World Carnivore Diet Month. Shawn Baker popularized the carnivore diet approach, which is gaining a lot of popularity. The anecdotal evidence shows that it mimics a food allergy elimination diet, by simplifying the diet, and resetting the gut microbiome to optimize for non-inflammatory foods. Public figures like Jordan Peterson, have come out as strong advocates of the diet, and it’s power to help reduce symptoms of auto-immune disease and even depression.

The approach has resonated with many people, and to see the before and after pictures of folks who went from a standard American diet, or vegan diet to the carnivore diet are pretty astounding.

Folks with distended bellies, frailness, low energy, low libido transition into more energy, more vitality and muscle growth.

All that said, I’m not advocating for this approach, I’m just sharing what’s already out there. For me, it has been a bit of a stretch.

Here are some of the results I can share from my own experiment with the Carnivore Diet.

• Increased muscle mass (my workouts are still using the X3 Bar)

• Slight increase in libido. Not massively increased, but a little more sex drive than usual.

• Major changes in my appetite - I believe it has reset and lowered my cravings in a very noticeable way.

• I feel less obsessed with food. Although it’s been a strict approach, I think about food less between meals.

• Bowel movements: It’s said that when you eat animal products exclusively, your body uses all the material more effectively, so you literally have less waste. I can attest that I went number-2 about half of the amount I usually do over this one month period. And I don’t feel constipated. I just didn’t have to go as much

• Joy in food. Kind of a double edged sword. I didn’t eat out as much…which is a good thing. There just weren’t as many options at restaurants that I could eat. It was just less fun.

• A tad more focused…maybe because of the appetite change, but maybe because I was only eating very nutrient dense food which is high in fat, which fuels the brain.

• Cooking at home. It was a stretch. Luckily my wife is patient, but the house constantly smelled like meat. And since she doesn’t eat bacon, and I probably had two packages of bacon per week, she’s happy it’s over.

• It’s expensive. I try to eat only grass-fed, pasture raised, line-caught, wild animals and that added up quick.

So where do I go from here?

Pescatarian for the month of February. Ya gotta eat one way or another, and I’m not switching to vegetarian or vegan or anything like that, but I think my body wants so focus on plant based for a bit, with the addition of fish and shellfish. PLUS - eating in a way that’s in contrast to Carnivore will give me a good idea of how my body will react to a major shift.


I don’t know. Do you feel like the food you eat is making you your best? Have you done bloodwork in a while to find out what you’re deficient in? Does it look good to you?

Whatever your answers to these questions are - I encourage everyone to experiment with your diet, try new things, and track how you feel when you eat the way you do. You never know, you may be able to increase your performance by 25% if you changed the way you ate…it’s worth experimenting.

Thanks for reading!

See you on the internet.




It’s been a minute since I posted anything publicly this one is a little heady - bear with me for a few minutes with the hopes that in reading this, you will leave with something useful that directly applies to your life.

None of us want to feel anxious or depressed.

But so many of us are.

We live in a world that is not meant to bring us a feeling of purpose or peace in our heart. We live in a world (like it or not) that operates on money and power, where bids for our attention and purchasing habits drive our reality.

From an evolutionary psychology perspective, we’ve evolved to fight and survive and procreate. And our capitalist, materialist reality is STRESSFUL.

We’re barraged by ads, toxins and cheap culture - all day long and it’s really hard to slow down. It’s hard to remember to breathe and to think about what we want from our life.

Speed begets speed and we find ourselves doing what we think we should, rather than listening to our inner voice. We second guess ourselves, lose confidence and settle - and it’s eating us up inside.

We even forget that we get to choose the degree in which we participate in the race.

The only way to step out of the matrix, is to make the decision to work on ourselves.

It’s pretty straightforward - it’s not a new idea. The greatest philosophers have been thinking and writing about this forever. When we develop our mind body and spirit in order to keep growing we become impervious to the bullshit in the world. It just doesn’t effect us as much.

People are going to be terrible, things are going to go wrong, we’re going to experience loss and failure, we will suffer.

All of this unavoidable, but how we are when our lives go sideways, dictates whether we crumble under the pressure, or learn and then bounce back.

If we’re feeling flexible, nourished and on a mission we’re able to rally when confronted by hardship. If we’re in a good spot mentally, physically and spiritually - our lives continue with a bounciness and optimism that runs through every cell of our body.

Only when can navigate through the ups and downs of life gracefully, can you become more clear on what it is that you want to do with it.

If we’re feeling obligated, lethargic and edgy, those little hiccups in our lives become major roadblocks. We’ve neglected to work on ourselves: out of shape, scatter-brained and detached. It’s hard to live with purpose in work or relationships when you’re constantly just trying to get by.

The path to a purposeful life is work on the self. Because when we’re working on ourselves, the best of us can step forth and we can recognize new opportunities that we would have missed otherwise. Our mission becomes more clear and we can live each day with greater purpose.

Broad strokes, I know, but watch: as you work more on yourself - tune up the ol vessel - little synchronicities will present themselves to encourage you on the path to living with more purpose.



Here's a bunch of reasons, and we're talking romantic partnerships:

Because we change day to day - because others do too - because we're all tired - because putting others first isn't an innate behavior, it takes practice - not all relationships are worth the work - we're impatient - we're losing practice being loving, cooperative beings - social media - netflix - dating apps are easy - love is not convenient - porn - unaddressed baggage - because mental health takes some work - because we're not sure how have a healthy relationship in general...  

Ok I'll stop.

But you get the point, there are lots of reasons why relationships are hard. I've been in committed relationship for all of my adult life and I know great or even good relationships are worth working for. 

I coach (or have coached) 6 different couples in the last 2 years. They are all very different, but the issues they they experience are were similar in a lot of ways. I see them in my life as well. I've given it a lot of thought, and I think there are certain tendencies we have in our relationships. If we can identify those, we can account for them and adjust on our path to having a fulfilling relationship with someone we love.

There are two major types of expectations in any relationship.

1. The general expectation around norms, customs, reciprocity and general vibe within the relationship. An expectation of why you're in the relationship. 

2. This one is a more nuanced and the focus here: the (usually negative or triggering) expectation of how your partner is being:: expecting them to be or act a certain way.  

Every couple goes through ruts. No one's has ever been in a flawless relationship. But, something that happens frequently is - those ruts become giant gaps between people. Some random issue that, in the past you could have overlooked has now become something way worse. This issue between the two of you that penetrates every interaction you have with one another. It's something that you can't shake. We've all been there.  

Often times, these ruts we get into get worse because we stop giving our partners the benefit of the doubt. We're with them because we like them...remember that. When we start to anticipate our partners reaction to things we say, and that effects the whole vibe. We're putting our filter and our expectations on them, and that never works, it always goes sideways.

Think about where you're at in your relationship right now, and think of all the places and topics where you already know how your partner will react. And instead of looking them in their eyes, and asking for their attention and having a clear and honest conversation with them, you've already succumbed to your expectation of them...and the rut gets wider. 

Especially when you're in the middle of a disagreement and you haven't been seeing eye to eye for a while...we succumb to the way that you always do things, expectations. Try turning off Netflix (not while they're watching) and have an honest, chilled out conversation with the person you've chosen to be with. 

I know...we know our significant others better than anyone. But these expectations begin govern every fight, every disagreement, every bummer topic. Then we find ourselves detached from the actual person we're with. The expectations become more and more integrated into the relationship, and it makes things worse. It becomes harder to turn things around. Instead ofbeing connected to our partners, we're connected to a version of them we've created in our minds.

 Instead of being connected to our partners, we’re connected to a version of them we’ve created in our minds.

There's only one way to correct this scenario and it's hard. 


We have to allow ourselves to be surprised by our parters. We have to ask them to level with us, get on the same page as us, to collaborate with us. Ask for that you need from them, and give them what you can. We're the only ones who can course correct our relationships. Be vulnerable, be patient, don't just wait to speak, listen to them.

Also, there are no points for winning an argument, because holding that against them pushes them away. Stick to your principals, but if it risks alienating your partner from you, consider if it's worth it. 

Pretend just for a second that they actually mean what they're saying. Just for a second cut through the crap that you both do when you fight and try to have a real conversation. You're a team, and you chose at one point to be together, so fight a little bit for each other. 


Propose a 3 day truce from your fight: Waive a white flag and agree to chill the F out for three days. If you've been fighting a lot, or feel like you're stuck in a rut propose a bickering hiatus.  

Stop being passive aggressive: You know who you are. Some of us fight this way, and it's lazy. It's the weakest way to go about voicing your problems. It's ambiguous and non-productive. 

Write them an email and only send it if you think it'll be productive: Take the time to synthesize your thoughts. What are you angry about? How did you get here, how can you resolve it? Share with them all the things that you appreciate about them. Think of things that you can do together that will bring you closer. Apologize where necessary - it's never too late to apologize for something that you know you messed up. Really write something from the heart. This will give you a chance to think about the situation you're in, and a solution may present itself. 

Stop arguing over text: Seriously stop. It's too easy to sit there at your desk, or in the car and send some long, snappy text out there without having to be accountable to it. Trying to resolve anything over text is challenging. Opt for: "Hey, I do want to talk about this, but can we do it in person later instead of text?"

"Is this conversation worth having right now?": Use this liberally. If you're having a hard time, and things are escalating into another argument, ask your partner this. Is it worth having - in front of the kids, via text, on the way to _____ event, while you're 3 beers deep, right before bed. Often you'll find that slowing down the elevation speed of the argument helps you both get perspective.

Relationships are hard, and sometimes we make them harder without knowing it. 

The purpose of this blog was to share a little bit of wisdom around relationships and try to help out a little bit. As a relationship coach, I'm able to help a two people at a time, and if a post like this helps just a few more people gain some insight into their own relationship - I've done my deed. 

If this is interesting stuff, let me know. Leave a comment or share this post on facebook. 

Thanks for reading. 





FROM A PHYSIOLOGICAL STANDPOINT: It has been a process of un-teaching myself to rely on substances to regulate my physiology. I had to go through a process of re-programming myself with breath, meditation, exercise and plain old mentality. During moments of stomach discomfort, I'd hammer some pro-boitic food like sauerkraut or kimchee, or drink ginger and lemon tea, or take a scoop of Prebiotic+ from Natural Stacks. For body pains from sports I rely even more on Epsom Salt soaks (in float tank or at home) and Arnica Ointment. I even went as far to abstain from CBD creams just to make sure that cannabis was not in my system. 


While we wait for the perfect time in our lives to make positive changes - the universe changes. 

Things change, people change, and meanwhile we're stuck, not growing. There is no such thing as the perfect time. Without fail...juuuust before the timing is right, some unforeseen circumstance comes in and de-rails our plans.  And if you'd just start today, you'd find that the universe rewards you for making BIG moves. 

I've experienced this several times in my life.

You'd find that when you make the decision to change the way you think, change the way you eat, or change the way you love - little synchronicities present themselves. Some call this The Law of Attraction, the Reticular Activation System, God, Universe...whatever. But this concept of manifestation in our lives only occurs if you're willing to commit to change. Love and free-will govern the cosmos...and when you exercise your will to make a change...for your highest self...the universe notices. Because of course, everything is inter-connected. 

This concept has proven massively effective with my coaching clients. These clients include, start-ups, entrepreneurs, pro athletes, innovators and others, seeking to get the most out of their lives. The people that hire me are ready to take control, and make positive changes in their lives. Not later. Now. Because: 

There is no perfect time. 

We tend to delay making massive changes in our lives because we're waiting for things to come together. But, the that time never comes. We want to get our finances in order before we have kids or start businesses. We want to wait until we're 15 pounds lighter before we start...anything. We tend to delay taking massive action that will improve our lives because we want things to be perfect.

And we wait. 

To quote Dr. Seuss:

"Waiting for the fish to bite
or waiting for the wind to fly a kite
or waiting around for Friday night
or waiting, perhaps, for their Uncle Jake
or a pot to boil, or a Better Break
or a string of pearls, or a pair of pants
or a wig with curls, or Another Chance.
Everyone is just waiting."

I don't have an Unlce Jake, but if I did. I wouldn't wait for his sorry ass. 

So what can we do? 

1. Make your bed. Seriously, make your bed. Achieve that small victory first thing in the morning and set the tone for your day. 

2. Hire a life coach. Most of us don't have someone qualified in their lives to help us be our best. You BFF from high school can't, your mom isn't qualified, your boss won't. Find a life coach that will help you create the life that you want. Stop wondering what your life could be like, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

3. Simplify your life. This is not easy...trust me, I know. I went from a cushy six-figure salary to betting the farm on a crazy business idea with zero experience. I had to very quickly simplify my life, I had to stop spending the way I was used to. I had to take a hard look at what was important to me in my life, and trim off all that wasn't critical. We get stuck in lifestyles don't we? Tyler Durden from Fight Club (Chuck Palahniuk) says. 

"The things you own, end up owning you."

But even beyond the way I was spending money, I had to simplify the way I was spending my time. I drastically reduced bar nights, cut out cable, ate out less, and focused on the next 5-10 years of my life, not Friday night. 

Of course, if you're in a relationship - it's a tad harder. Whomever you're with is going to need to be on board to a certain extent. But, they're not going to understand it completely, so arm yourself with this mantra ASK FOR WHAT YOU NEED, GIVE WHAT YOU CAN. Keep in mind that we are all individuals and if you're ready to make productive changes in your life, you've gotta start walking that road on your own. 

But even further than your lifestyle, simplify the way you consume media. Take a break from it. You have enough going on in your mind - that you don't need facebook every 15 minutes to blast your coconut with useless garbage. 

4. Remember that you will die. This is important. It's guaranteed. None of us get out alive, and keeping that in mind (in a healthy way) should motivate you to fucking move. I'm a huge fan of Stoicism, and authors like Marcus Aurelius are excellent sources to remind us about how to live. 

"It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live."

5.  Clear your mind. You'll be amazed at how the bigger picture of your life comes together when you give yourself a second for stillness. Meditate. If you don't know how...email me sean@life-mba.com :) - or start in on Headspace. Your mind is a constant flowing stream of things both trivial and profound, and when you give yourself a chance to settle - you'll be amazed at what comes to you naturally. 

So don't wait. 

Start today. 

Start right now, doing the things that will fulfill you in your life. 



"Touchy feely." 


"Hippie stuff." 

Ok, but hear me out for a second. 

Whether you've spoken to a therapist, a life coach or perhaps some wise family elder, the concept of self-love may have come up. In my universe of clients, float centers, friends and family - self love KEEPS COMING UP.

I've come to understand that the purpose of my life is to help elevate consciousness on this planet. However that may sound to you, it's true. I walk my path as authentically as possible - through float centers, coaching, mentoring, speaking and educating. I'm consistently focused on helping  people reaching their potential. And for me, a massive part of reaching our potential is loving ourselves. 

What are you doing to love yourself? I think for a lot of people self-love means: taking it easy,  giving yourself a break. Maybe getting a massage or buying yourself something from Target is what you're thinking when you think of self-love. Maybe loving yourself means leaving from work early to have a drink with friends. That may indeed be self love, but that's not the self-love I'm talking about. That sort of self-love is easy. That sort of loving yourself is accessible but may not really be what you need. 

I'm talking about the sort of self love that is harder, but more constructive. I'm talking about the self-love that looks and feels a lot like discipline.

If I were to ask you,

"How can you show yourself the deepest love today?" 

If you really sat and thought about what would be the deepest expression of self-love, don't you think that it may include doing some habit, or behavior that's not super easy or convenient, but constructive? Wouldn't deep self-love likely include stopping something that is screwing you?

I'm talking about showing yourself some love that is positive, productive and valuable. Some gesture of self-love that fuels your soul and serves your highest purpose. NOW, I'm not suggesting that everyone has to turn away from the racy stuff or staying up late, or certain substances. I'm not suggesting that everyone take a year off alcohol and weed like me (but I'm not, not suggesting that either). What I am suggesting though, is that we take a look at the things in our life that aren't serving us anymore.

We've all come to different points in our life and asked...how the fuck did I get here? 30 pounds overweight, in a toxic relationship, in a job we can't stand, tired and stressed with no plans to alleviate the situation, addicted to a substance or a behavior that is hurting us and/or the people around us... Or maybe we've been in the same destructive behavior patterns, that we can't even remember what it was like before that (see above). This is the self-love I'm talking about. 

I'm talking about the sort of self-love manifested through a thoughtful assessment of ourselves. 


Start by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. If you need to listen to some binaural beats or singing bowls, do that for 5 min - I suggest Insight Timer. Have a notebook right in front of you. Try your best to clear your mind and focus on your breath. Once you've established a more mindful state, shift into a mantra of clarity. {I start my meditation with gratitude, and say my intention from the get go, and clarity is broad enough to clear the way for insights}

Say, "I'm meditating on clarity," OR simply "Clarity." Then...after you've mediated for clarity for 5, 10, 20 minutes stop. THEN ASK YOURSELF: HOW AM I GETTING IN MY OWN WAY? Then begin writing. Be totally honest with yourself. What things are you doing that are getting standing in the way of your best self? Write them all down. Don't edit. Just purge onto the page all the ways that you're stepping on your own toes. What is sticky for you right now? What causes you discomfort? What pains you? These are ways that you are not loving yourself. These are all the ways that you're keeping yourself from progressing. 

So the obvious math here is: Now you can fine tune your life with clear actionable, behavior changes. Begin doing things that show love to yourself. Start loving yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself. 

Here's a list of things that may come up, that you can begin working on.

1. Re-programming negative self talk

2. Eating foods that your body hates, but your tastebuds love

3. Letting go of fear

4. Replacing non-productive behaviors with productive ones

5. Auditing your relationships (this one often hurts)

6. Stop wasting your own time 

7. Move(ment)

8. Looking at your job/career path

9. Are you giving love and receiving love

10. Are you clear on your connection or disconnection to a higher power

So, why is this simple shit so hard? Well, because it's not cushy. It's not convenient. It's not wired into you, there are no positive habits or behaviors around them. It's not what you know. It's not Netflix. It's not facebook. It's not easy. 

This is the type of loving yourself that is hard. 

To love yourself is to act in a way that serves your highest purpose and in order to walk that path toward your highest purpose, you gotta do work. You gotta be willing to push yourself a little. You gotta be willing to get out of your own way. You gotta love yourself in a way that will push you forward in your life. 

Love yourself. 

Thanks for reading! 


I know, I know, advocating for a clean lifestyle just isn't that "cool." This post is not meant to make you feel bad for drinking beer and smoking weed. This is my story. There are immense social pressures to drink and smoke weed. But my decision to take a year off wasn't for popularity. My decision to take a year off wasn't because I had a problem. I love beer (especially craft IPAs) and weed, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't really helping me do all the things that I want to do in my life. 

My decision to take a year off alcohol and weed was strictly to push myself toward my highest potential. 

I haven't had a drop of alcohol or a puff of weed in 6 months.

I will continue for at least another 6 months. 

The real catalyst for this decision (which I did not take lightly) was based on a realization I had during a floatation session. I make it a practice to ask my highest self and my guides what it is that I need more of, or less of in my life. Frequently, more CLARITY and less DISTRACTION came through. I refer to these sorts of epiphanies as downloads. I receive them while I'm meditating, floating, exercising, daydreaming or floating. 

NOTE: All of my best ideas come when I am still. My decision to open a float center came during meditation. My inclination to pursue coaching came through tasking he simple question during a float session on a typical weekday-evening float. I asked..."What is next for me?" The reply was "You'll find out tomorrow." The next day I heard that a friend of a friend was getting great results with a life coach...my sister in law signed up for a training in Mexico, and I saw a VICE article entitled "Why I hired a Millenial Life Coach. So, needless to say, when I get this sort of inspiration, intuition or download, I follow through.

So, I in the case of the information I was getting during my floats, I decided to double down. I sought out the help of my spiritual teacher who is a gifted intuitive or "Spiritual Midwife" as she calls herself. I looked within myself for answers too. I collaborated (and do daily) with my highest self and my guides (who have names and appearances) to get further understanding of how I can be my best. I also sought out the guidance of a powerful Vedic astrologer to add insight to the feelings I was having. My session with her was flooring. She informed me that I was on the verge of very big developments in my karma as it pertained to my life purpose. (MORE ON THAT LATER) BUT...this development would depend on my ability to decide on who I wanted to be. I would need to become more clear on this concept if I wanted to create the rest of my life with intention.

NEW AGE MUMBO JUMBO? Some will say that...but some of you will take a look at the things I have already done and understand that I mean what I say, and I am decisive with the value I bring to this world. 

So, after receiving this wisdom from teachers, reinforcing my intuition, I made the decision. If I wanted to give myself the best chance to be my best self...I should take some time off alcohol and weed. 

6 months into this process, it's been pretty easy. I was about a 4-8 beer per week drinker per week and almost a daily smoker/vaporizer. I LOVE TO SMOKE WEED AND FLOAT. I believe strongly it's a really powerful and effective way to gain insights about yourself that cannot be accessed through typical daily frames of mind. But, I felt like I was sort of abusing it or not really appreciating my relationship with the powerful herb. I was smoking out of habit, ritual, not for focused use or introspection. I had been lying to myself for years about it's ability to enhance my creativity and sensitivity. It did enhance those things, but doing it every day was missing the point. It was diluting my potency. The weed was dulling my sword and the beer was adding inflammation to my body, mind and awareness. 

There have been a few tough moments, don't get me wrong. Vacationing in Hawaii with my extended family...a couple of beers would have been pretty sweet. There have been moments where my body was sore or tired from BJJ or soccer games or hard workouts, where a little hit from the vaporizer would have been very nice, but I have abstained. Meeting up with friends has been awkward at times...and for those of you who know me well, you know that I like to drink a few beers and get loud. But, as a father, boss, business owner, life-coach, mentor and speaker, there's a little less room for shenanigans. And I feel pretty good about my decision.

I'll say, it's brought me closer to myself. We all have vices, caffeine, booze, weed, gambling, tobacco etc, but now that I've had a solid 6 months with out the two things that had the clearest impact on me - I have become more in-tune with my own faculties. I have learned which other, more healthy techniques are better for me when I need to take the edge off. Of course, exercise. Of course, meditation. Of course, floating. Of course intentional breathing. These things have become more integral in my development. 

This exercise in abstinence has unlocked my awareness. Intuition is something I think a lot about. I trust it, I put a lot of stock in my own ability to intuitively know the right path. Trusting my gut has worked for me thus far: it helped me connect with the love of my life, opening float centers, coaching, sports, friends etc. The clarity of mind and body has enhanced the energetic flow. As you may imagine, when your body and mind are clear, you are more able to sense when something good is coming. I'll go deeper. When the pathways of awareness are clean and clear, information from outside sources (or inner sources) can come through. I am a believer that we have certain sources of wisdom and guidance. Spirit Guides, connection with our higher selves, Angles, Masters, spirit devas...are all examples of sources of inspiration and wisdom. Our awareness of these sources...our ability to receive download from these sources is reliant on few things: 1. Our openness to receiving 2. Our practice in developing connections 3. Our ability to translate the wisdom. Sure enough, if you're closed off, out of practice and downright resistant to the possibility that this sort of wisdom is available...you'll miss it. Historically, before the advent of modern technology, humans have been more aware of this connection to non-physical collaborators. Shaman, mystics, intuits, sensitives and light workers know it best..that we can access information from non-physical sources. But if our lines of communication are dulled by (in my case) IPAs and vaporized weed - our level of awareness is not capable of receiving effectively.

This exercise in abstinence has unlocked my mental clarity. This one is obvious right? In many ways, I have been able to take a step back and get a clearer picture of what I want in my life. This is the heart of what I preach and coach. BE CLEAR ON WHAT YOU WANT FROM THIS LIFE - AND TAKE ACTION TO GET IT. Our ability to think clearly about the big picture is predicated on foresight. 4-8 beers per week and weed 6-7 times per week just simply wasn't helping me think BIG. Weed helped me tamp down some stress and body pain and beer helped lubricate social situations, but it wasn't going to help me get what I want in the long run. What do I want in the long run? To elevate the consciousness of the planet. I know...grandiose idea right, but why not. I have certain gifts and abilities, and I want to use those to my highest potential to help shift us to a better tomorrow. I've done it for 6 years with Float Seattle and 2 years with Float Bellevue and 14 months as a life coach...and currently I'm working on something even bigger. (I can't wait to share it!) Taking it a step further - there is a part of the brain called the Reticular Activation System - which governs your ability to filter data coming into your brain and identify what's important to you. I could do a whole blog post on this system...and how vision boards are a useful tool in optimizing this or how mantras can reinforce positive decision making within this system but the point is simple. Without beer and weed to foggy up, and fuzzy up my mental states, I'm more focused and more able to respond to important information.

This exercise in abstinence has made me sexier. Not that I'm a particularly sexy guy in general, but put plainly...my body looks and feels better without beer and weed. Duh. Beer is empty calories. There's not a ton of caloric value in beer. Beer is inflammatory. Beer also leads to more beer. And since I'm not the type of guy to mix a cocktail at home, beer was the go-to. When it came to weed, hitting the vaporizer at 8pm most nights, would often lead to ice cream or cookies...late night ice cream and cookies that would not have a chance to burn off, and effect my sleep quality. My body is more youthful, better rested, more energetic, less inflamed, tighter,  This one doesn't need much more consideration. You get the point. 

So where do I go from here? I stay on course, and try to take as much advantage as I can of this time I've optimized, and lean into my life. Push toward my goals and be engaged with my choices.

What's my life plan with all this? I'm not sure. I'm going to purposefully have a beer at the year-end mark...so that it doesn't become a thing. Weed...not sure. I may continue to abstain beyond the year mark, but we'll see. 

NOTE: If you're interested in trying this out - try this. I have done with a few of my clients...which is to abstain for a moon cycle. At the next new moon, set your intentions for what you want to get out of the period of no beer no weed. Is it for mind, body or awareness? Write it down, and put it somewhere safe...then just stop. Try it out. Go without for around 28 days and at the end of the moon cycle...at the full moon, reflect on what you've learned and decide whether it serves your highest self or not. Only you can know whether you're ready for this. And being honest with yourself around this stuff will help you make important decisions about what you want from your life. 




Being a child sherpa recently...in a fasted state.

Being a child sherpa recently...in a fasted state.

Simply, because I'm better at everything because of it. 

5-6 days per week my eating schedule goes like this. 

NOTE: I drink a crap-ton of water. I suppose around a gallon per day. But the water I drink isn't tap water. It's gathered from a natural spring, so it's high in mineral content an doesn't have any added pharmaceuticals. I swear by it. My family drinks it, we cook with it, make our coffee with it and I believe it's pretty powerful. Plus...who wants to be chugging fluoride all day?

630AM - 1 tablespoon of sun charged Himalayan Solé in 12 oz. of gathered spring water

7AM: Coffee with Kerrygold unsalted grass fed butter and MCT oil, blended in the Blendtec

SUPPLEMENTS: Here's what I take 4-6 days per week. NOTE: I take exclusively Natural Stacks products...and there are reasons for that: 1 - I like to know what's in the supplements I'm putting in my body and all of their products are open source. 2 - These guys have an approach to their business that is consumer focused - meaning they're constantly doing what they can to insure quality and keep the price down. 3 - I've known them since the first year they started, and they are an exceptional group of tinkerers, bio-hackers and adventurers. 4 - As a Champion for the brand they keep me looped in on the latest and greatest in the supplement/bio-hacking universe.

- Ciltep - for brain function and focus

- Vitamin C - for anti-oxidant power

- BCAA's - branch chain amino acids, to fuel my body and brain while I'm fasting

- Curcumin - for inflammation 

- Vitamin D - unless it's sunny out and I know I can be outside for a while

- Krill Oil - better than fish oil because it's the whole organism - joint/skin/hair

- Myco-Immune - for, yup better immune system, since I have 2 small kids...

- Myco-Boost - for sustained energy 

NOTE ON MYCO PRODUCTS: These are unlike, and far superior to other mushroom supplements because they contain the actual fruited body (actual mushroom) in the supplement. Almost all other mushroom supplements use mycelium grown on grain...yuck.

7AM-230ish: FASTING DUDE...

230ish: Break my fast with something fermented like kimchee or sauerkraut usually accompanied with a green smoothie:

- 4 kale leaves - 2 celery stalks - Half an apple (seeds, middle included) - Big squeeze of lime - thumb-sized chunk of ginger - 1 inch chunk of dandelion root - small handful of blueberries - 2 strawberries.

- Homemade Kombucha

- Sometimes I'll have sardines, or smoked oysters at this time

330: Protein of some sort: cold cuts, some cheese (typically goat cheese or brie) and some easy veggies, carrots, celery, broccoli. 

430ish: Herbal tea or yerba maté. 

545ish: Dinner - this varies due to the fact that I coordinate cooking and my family's menu with my wifey. Here are some typical meals: NOTE: Most, if not all of my eating includes large amounts of grassfed butter, avocado oil,  

- #1 Grass-fed ribeye (rosemary), braised greens from the garden, mushrooms, kimchee

- #2 Grilled chicken, grilled broccoli, sweet potatoes, sauerkraut

- #3 Stir-fry with chicken/beef, broccoli, carrots, celery, (other veggies) in Braggs aminos

- #4 Big-ass salad: Salmon with skin, beans, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, tzatziki 

- #5 Burrito: Ground beef, peppers, onions, (yes, I have tortillas sometimes)

9ish: I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so I sometimes get down on some 80% dark chocolate, or recently I've taken to a small handfulls 8-10 pieces of high quality black licorice. Yeah, it's sugar, but the black licorice is good for the adrenals. 



I've tinkered around with Paleo, Primal, Slow-Carb eating for years, and I've found that I am most productive in the first two thirds of the day. Because I want to get all or most of my work done during that time, I have found that food really slows me down...and the longer I go eating this way, the more sensitive I am to being bogged down by food. 

I've seen a massive transformation in the way my body looks and feels eating this way. 



For as long as I've eaten this way, I've found that going down stairs...I'm less jiggly, more toned, less-inflamed, smaller love handles. I exercise about 2-3 times per week. Sometimes BJJ at Ivan Salaverry MMA, sometimes indoor soccer at night, and often HIIT - which is high intensity interval training... burpees, battle-rope exercises, combination exercises with a kettle bell etc. BUT, this seems to be sufficient for me. I'm busy: 4 businesses, 2 kids, 1 house, an involved spiritual and meditation practice and several hobbies makes me short on time, so I try to maximize every aspect of my life. 

All of this said...I cheat...often. I have ice-cream sometimes. I eat cake at parties. My wife makes amazing guacamole, so I'm gonna dip a tortilla chip in the lovely green goop. But, since my baseline is streamlined and consistent, I allow myself to wiggle out of this zone frequently. This zone is ketosis. In my world, it's a topic often discussed, but for the un-initiated, ketosis is when your body and brain run on fat instead of sugar.

A NOTE ON KETOSIS: Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead; this results in a build-up of acids called ketones within the body. I can feel when I'm in ketosis and when I'm out of it. I rarely test it. But when I do, I test it with the urine strips. 

In addition to this approach to food consumption I also fast for 24 hours about twice per month...to give my body a chance to really experience a deep fast. There are also studies like this that support fasting as an anti-aging approach and staving off illness. 

From a philosophical standpoint, in Stoic philosophy, abstaining from certain things like food, give us all a chance to experience planned hardships that make us more resilient. I'll touch more on Stoicism in a later blog post. 

On a more general philosophical or spiritual note - you'll notice that most religions implement some sort of fasting as part of the religious observance. It was recently Eid - the of the end of the muslim observance of Ramadan in which muslims don't eat or drink water from sun up to sun down for an entire moon cycle. I've tried this...and it's not fun...but it's not supposed to be. It's supposed to show you some discipline and gain understanding. It certainly does that. All of the worlds predominant religions have at least one period of fasting during the year. Usually it's to connect more closely with god, and exhibit petition.  

The general justification for why I fast for the first two thirds of each day is that I want to perform at the highest level I can everyday. Plain and simple. After experimenting with various dietary approaches, I've found that this works best for me. It also helps train me to know what real hunger is and keeps the grocery bills down a touch. I think if you're interested in fasting, you should give it go. NOTE: The first few times you fast, it's not much fun. Your body is used to getting glucose...grain, sugar and snacks (for most of us) every couple of hours, and stopping that can you a little crabby, but it's worth experimenting with. JUST STOP EATING FOR 12 HOURS AND SEE HOW YOU RESPOND. 

For more info, or continued conversation about this...hit me up sean@seanmccormick.org






SUPPORT - especially for high-achieving men can be an unfamiliar topic. We as men are taught to value isolation, suppress our feelings, work hard, and don't ask for help. Even for a guy like me, who came from totally supportive parents, it can be hard to admit to ourselves that we need support. This is not the way. 

I had the honor of engaging in a massively impactful weekend on January 6th-8th down in Manzanita, Oregon. The organizers held this second annual Breakaway Weekend aimed to bring men from varying arenas to learn, share, support and commit to massive growth in 2017. 

I was asked to be the keynote speaker for the 3-day weekend and speak on Bio-hacking, Self Optimization and Meditation. In addition to the workshops, I did 12 1-on-1 coaching sessions that were very deep and intense. The 14 of us came from all walks of life: Innovative cannabis products, filmmaker, franchise development, corporate health and wellness, creative directors, adventure photography, execs, sales people, former pro football players and leaders. One clear common denominator was that each of came with the expectation that we would take away tools, tactics and accountability that would drive us forward in our lives. 

And guess what? We can transform...but without support the task is much harder. 

"No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main."

John Donne


Sometimes as men, we just need to know that someone else is going through the same changes. Or has desire to. We need to know that there are other men looking to better themselves. Connecting with like-minded men in-person is part of our DNA. We evolved in tribes, going out on hunting expeditions and building societies with our hands, with other inspiring men by our sides. We learned to value critical thinking, achievement and work ethic. And, we have the luxury of tapping into that primal programming in order to use it to our benefit. But, the catch is, it's how we show up in person that activates the DNA, not by spectating.  

FACEBOOK doesn't count. It just doesn't. We can't effectively connect with other guys online and expect to institute sustainable changes. It's too easy to talk a big game without action. It's too easy to let meaningful connection live only in the virtual world. Because our bodies connect to our minds, and because there is an actual energetic exchange when we're in the presence of other physical beings....we gotta show up...in person. Additionally, we are not who we say we are on facebook. We create a narrative of who we are on facebook. We show the best of ourselves and rarely allow others to see our bumps and bruises. I'm guilty of this too. How can we really connect and get the real support we need when we're not being truthful with who we are. Folks will debate me on this, but to a certain extent this is true for all of us. 

When we show up, embodied in the presence of another person who is on our same page, the connection means more.  We've all been in situations when we were looking for a meaningful connection, or support  - then someone walks into our lives, and things click. Whether it's a significant other, lover, friend or family member, we can all remember that physical feeling we got when we were around that person. We felt supported. 

Another key element to being able to receive support from another is our willingness to be vulnerable. When we drop our created walls and our accepted social norms and we're really unguarded present in the moment that's where we can grow and connect. At that time when we're open and honest with ourselves that's when we can feel supported. When others are there to help us, support us and connect with us - our ability to be vulnerable is critical. 

Researcher Brene Brown gives this TED Talk entitled "The Power of Vulnerability" that is really cool. Especially for men. Many of us, if not all of us are told not to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is a weakness. Men are supposed to be strong, independent, isolated and unwavering. Society upholds these values and spews them upon us for us as little boys to make sense of. Even if you have wonderfully supportive parents who instill vulnerability in you, you still have to make sense of advertising images that tell us that it's not ok to cry or be tender, or be vulnerable. 

SIDE NOTE: I come from the school of thought that little boys are born with a primal imprint to be physical and strong willed. Girls too of course, but boys especially. Much like the evolutionary adaptation that rewarded support  and collaboration among men - I truly believe that boys are born with certain innate qualities that allow them to thrive. I take myself as an example and my son as an example. As many times as my wife and I make space and nurture vulnerability, kindness and tenderness, my son catches himself crying and stops himself. He takes pride in being tough, although he doesn't talk about being tough, his actions speak it. He's seen me cry, but still there is something in there that he tries to stifle. 

Vulnerability is something that takes nurturing. Meta right? We have to place more of an emphasis on allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and open to support. We have to be open to being supported by the people around us. We have to de-program ourselves and allow ourselves to receive support from trusted sources. On that note, make sure that the people whom you are turning to for support are doing it authentically: not for some rush from being a part of drama OR energy vampires that feed off of your emotions. This ties into surrounding yourself with people that love and support you already.


"The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility. " 

Paulo Coelho - author of The Alchemist


Since it is my aim to write blog posts that are immediately useful in your life - the question is, how can we get the support we need? 


Especially for men, since we're told that we need to go it alone, it's important to foster meaningful relationships with other men that we can count on. We're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so find people and foster relationships that fuel you and bring you up...foster relationships that support you. Once you have these people in place, ask for what you need. If you need perspective, ask someone for theirs. This group could be people you'd like to be friends with or it could be people already in your circle where you can strengthen or deepen a relationship.

NOTE: This is challenging. Especially for guys. One surefire way to gain support, perspective, wisdom and a plan forward in your life it to hire a coach. This is the heart of the value I bring to people's lives. During a coaching session with me, you'll bring forth the aspects of your life you'd like to change, and we brainstorm how to get what you're after. Then we create an accountability structure where you use me to stay accountable to yourself. IT'S EFFECTIVE...

When we're clear about you need, the people in our support network know how they can be for us.

"I really just need to vent."

"I'm in a tough situation, can you give me your neutral perspective on a thing?"

"You are someone who I admire and appreciate, can I get your take on something?"

"Hey man, I know you're busy, but can you give me a hand this weekend?"

And of course, it's a two way street. Giving support to the people in our life is just as important as receiving it. We also learn how to be there for others, and in turn learn how we can best be supported. 

Whether it's a problem that needs a solution at work or a challenging situation with a loved one; asking for what we need is a simple and effective way to grow. It starts with our ability to be vulnerable, admitting that we don't have all the answers and being open to receiving wisdom or presence or love. 

My experience with the extraordinary dudes from Breakaway was an eye opener. These truly innovative, driven, high-achieving men from all over the country made a huge impression on me. They showed me how elite performers can be humble, open, vulnerable and push their boundaries with the help of other dynamic men. This was a very unique experience, and an environment from which real change could launch for each of them. Every one of these guys was open to receiving support, new information and perspective that they could implement into their lives.

These guys had a lot of answers, but they also had the humility to know that they didn't have ALL the answers. I learned a lot from them and they learned a lot from each other. It made me realize that we can all be more open, and use our vulnerability as a strength.

Asking for support will be a new skill for a lot of you, but once you're clear about what you need, you'll find that loving, motivated people in your life are ready to be there for you.

Try it out.




Aaaaaaand poof...you're meditating

Aaaaaaand poof...you're meditating

We all know that feeling.

Maybe we haven't felt it in a while... but we all know that feeling. 

It's Sunday morning and you're waking up without an alarm. You're eyes aren't open yet and you're sense of hearing isn't quite tuned in yet. You're not really awake, but you're not asleep either. Your senses aren't grasping for stimuli, and you lie there totally still, totally blissful.

If you're a parent like me - you're likely not familiar with this scenario, but you can remember it....

Whether it lasts for 5 seconds or 30...you were in a meditative state. 

This is the closest description I can offer for those who are not familiar with a meditative state.


And feel that feeling of stillness and bliss that you experience on Sunday mornings. 

Here's where we'll jump off. 


The benefits of meditation are well referenced. We know some of what it does for the brain. Perhaps more interestingly, we know that epiphanies, invention and transcendent spiritual experiences are often linked to meditative or visionary states. Also, when you dig into it, you'll find that many many successful modern entrepreneurs, creatives, artists and spiritual leaders also have a daily meditation practice...and that's what I'd like to focus on. 

Tara Brach - a meditation teacher whose guided meditations I love, says this.

"Meditation is evolution's strategy to bring out our full potential."

I totally agree.

I've been meditating in one form or another since I was around 12 years old - and it's by far the best tool I use for optimizing my potential. It's been crucial in my sports, work/career, in my spiritual practice and for managing my high energy and stress. My parents learned TM - or Transcendental Meditation - in college and taught it to me as a way to calm myself and my mind. I was a VERY busy kid and my folks figured that giving me a tool I could use to calm myself would prove beneficial (especially for them). Meditation is ultimately what led me into the path of entrepreneurship. Opening a float center was the perfect marriage of meditation, helping others, healing, raising others vibration, and spacey new age stuff.

Furthermore, meditating throughout the conception of Float Seattle, the planning phase, stress, launch, management and growth of the businesses helped me find solutions to problems.

Here's how meditation will change your life. 

We are inundated with info all day everyday. I've heard the number of thoughts we have everyday is somewhere around 65,000. It's hard enough to focus on any one thing...let alone juggling a full life with a job, a family, bills, personal goals etc. Our bodies, brains and spirit(s) are aching for a break from the consensus reality. Many of us, rarely give ourselves a chance to be still while we're awake. I'll repeat that point. Many of us almost never sit still. Think of the last time you sat somewhere (preferably alone) silently with your phone off? That vacation you took a year ago, when you sat quietly by the pool? 

We're so caught up in our lives that we don't take the time to enhance, nourish and optimize it. Meditation is the solution. 

Meditation makes us superhuman. It unlocks the potential inside us. It gives us time to ourselves and space for the best of you to come forward. Think of all the good ideas you have before drifting off to sleep. Think of all the clarity you have during a long shower. That's because you're not near your phone. There's also the negative ions from the shower, but that's a different blog post. 

When we prioritize stillness, we find that richness, love, peace, perspective and often solutions present themselves. 


I believe that when we're in meditation, we are more accessible to our pantheon of spirit guides, angels, masters and god.

"WHOA Sean, that's out there..."

I know. 

I've had the following experiences in meditation:

• Astral travel or out-of-body experiences (involuntarily and voluntarily)

• Premonitions (namely that I would have a son and a daughter...I was 19 at the time)

• Connection and communication with several of my spirit guides (currently)

• Profound states of the interconnectedness of everything

• The decision to start a float center and get into coaching

Some of the most important decisions in my life have come from powerful meditations. 


It's about finding inspiration. Whatever you believe about the concept of spirit, or divine intelligence, we undoubtedly find inspiration from meditation. When we're calm, awake and detached from the mental rigors of the day, something happens. I'll tell you, inspiration rarely comes from watching Narcos on Netflix, or from refreshing your facebook feed. Inspiration comes from within us. We are all born with an internal drive, an inborn power to progress forward in our lives, and it's easily missed if we're not giving ourselves a chance to bring it forth.

Obviously - the biggest barrier to starting a meditation practice is lack of knowledge.

"So I just sit there and breathe?"

"NOT thinking is impossible for me, I can't turn my brain off."

"I got bored after 2 minutes and bailed."  

"I don't know where to start."

Here's a meditation primer. Get Headspace. If you need an app to get you going - this is likely the most popular and impactful meditation app available. I've used it, and I really like it. (But, it's not what I do in my own meditation practice...that'll come in a later post) I also suggest this as a starting point for many of my clients that want to get into meditation but don't know where to start. It's solid. 

There many approaches to meditation: 



Zazen (Zen Meditation)


Guided Visualizations

Here is a more animated explanation of mindfulness meditation. 

Floating - this is a little different - floating is an ideal environment for meditation

Simply put, meditation allows you to recognize your mental state without reacting to it. We are all hardwired - and reinforced through our incarnate experience to have emotional reactions to our thought. Don't trust your thoughts AND don't allow your thoughts to control your life. When we develop a meditation practice, we are able to free ourselves from our visceral reactions to the thoughts we have. That discernment, and realization that we have control over how we react in situations is liberating. We can focus more keenly, we can navigate the world with more grace and we can create enrichment from within. We get out of the way of the flow of energy, and we can tap into our own power and uniqueness. It's literally like having a superpower. 

Since I'm a coach, this is where I say... 

"Ok, so what are you prepared to DO about it?"

Now you know that it can radically change your life and bring richness to the rat race - and it's free, what are you waiting for? What's stopping you from starting today? Right now? If you want to dive deeper...lemme know. 








Life Coaching with the MLS Players Union...and why you should care

mls players.001.jpeg


That was the takeaway.

For me, for them and for all of you. 

I hosted a 2-hour Career Development Workshop last week with 20 MLS players aimed to empower them and help them conceive of their lives after soccer. Not a popular topic for any pro athlete. But concept of change was clearly the most essential aspect of our time together.  

These guys are super-athletes - totally dedicated to their craft. They've played soccer all their lives on many teams and they've managed to play at the top level in North America. Achievers. The guys I met were clearly very smart and very focused professionals - I mean, being a union representative is a big deal. But in terms of their non-soccer lives -  they needed to be reminded that they can do anything

We all need to be reminded that we can do anything. 

I was invited to The Bellagio for two nights to host a workshop on developing the players' work toward a career after soccer. Obviously this is a pretty specific topic, and to a unique group of people, but the change that these guys will eventually face - is something we can all identify with. 

Change is the one thing we can all count on. Death too, that's change. So, since change is something we can all expect, we need to keep in mind that we're in control of our own path. As our path changes, so must we. We get to choose what comes next. And if we don't choose it, we get to choose how we work with it. The next steps in our lives are totally and completely up to us. Of course, the concept of Free Will comes in to play, but I'm talking about actions, habits and behaviors that direct us to taking charge of our lives.

Talking to the handful of MLS players is not much different than coaching my clients. All of the people I work with are in need of change in their life. They wouldn't be willing to work with me if they weren't anticipating big changes in their lives. They're looking for a little consult about their opportunities, highlighting their strengths and staying accountable to the action they choose. The MLS guys are in the same boat, however they're understandably resistant to it. We all can be right? 

We all need to be reminded that we can do anything

We all need to be reminded that we must do something

In the face of guaranteed change, we have the opportunity to re-invent ourselves. 

"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."


We get to choose the next steps we take...every damn day. But our mentality around change -- our mentality in general needs fine-tuning. Sitting back, letting changes happen TO us can be dis-empowering, leaving us feeling melancholy, or powerless. So, the only reasonable thing to do is to make a plan, and execute on it. Leeeeeean into the coming change with boldness. Tuning into the coming change, picking up it's scent, identifying it's shape and dimension is key. On the cusp of major change ask yourself this:

"What can I do to be graceful with this change?"

Really try it. If you've got changes coming, pinpoint the characteristics of your specific situation and ask yourself that question...then be quiet. Be quiet for a few minutes...do this in the shower or in meditation, or before going to sleep. See what comes back to you. Sometimes all we need to do is ask questions to ourselves (and highest self, and spirit guides) and see if steps present themselves. 

The MLS guys know that they'll play for a finite amount of time, but deviating their focus from playing at the pinnacle of their potential can feel too risky. To be distracted from the game can be costly for some guys. Off the field stuff isn't supposed to interfere with their play. The parallel for the rest of us is, that we get so focused on our current reality; bills, family affairs, habits, rhythms and lethargy keep us in jobs we don't want, relationships that no longer serve us and lives that we feel disconnected from. 

You have a lot at stake. I know. Your savings, your reputation, your place in the world. But, the importance your place on those elements in your life are keeping you stagnant. I know how hard it is to consider risking the things you've worked for....trust me, I know... but taking that risk by  stepping forward into your life will keep you growing. We need change in order to keep growing. We need to fail and correct mistakes. We need to expand our awareness so that the inspired path forward can emerge. Then we take action.

So, upon facing a change (which will happen) take a minute to consider your power in your own life. Lean into the coming change. Ask yourself how you can be graceful in the transition and quietly listen. If you get crickets - plot your next move anyway - and remember, you can do anything. 




Another rainy Seattle day

Another rainy Seattle day

I liked my job. 

What wasn't to like? As an Account Executive at a popular Seattle radio station, there were a lot of perks. Tickets to sports games, concerts, happy-hour meetings, flexible hours. It was fun too, I got to write radio commercials, meet rock stars and sports stars and be on the media scene. I generally like the people I worked with too. It was sort of the perfect job for a busy-body like me, who loved to socialize and go out. It felt a little like show-biz and it payed well. It was commission based, but that worked for me - because I was self-motivated, and a good salesperson.

It was pretty ideal gig for a guy like me who could sell gracefully, make fast friends while being self-motivated to make a lot of money. 

And I was very good at it. 

But it didn't fill my cup. It didn't feel authentic for me.

About the time I turned 27, I began to realize that this was not going to be MY life-path. Something wasn't quite right. I found myself resenting the day-to-day: Getting up and putting on slacks, a shirt and tie, shiny shoes and heading out the door to work hard to increase the profits of some faceless group of investors. 

I fought the consistent feeling of futility at work. I justified my uninspired daily schedule in various ways. 

"It's a fun job, lots of people would love this opportunity."

"I'm making great money, my family would think I'm crazy to leave this job."

"It's a recession, and I have income and benefits that make it too good to leave."

"What the heck am I gonna do instead? I'm good at this & change would be tough."

These were stories I told myself to keep me in place. I constantly was justifying my place in the world, to keep things familiar.

We often cling to the jobs, relationships, hobbies, foods, even ways of dress that we associate with our identity...just because. They feed one of our 6 needs as illustrated by Tony Robbins. I was the perfect example. My job filled several of these needs, and therefore, it was a challenge to let go of....or even think about letting go of. 

Change never comes easily, and for me, I was doing something that I was good at, so why was I so uncomfortable and unfulfilled? I was slowly losing touch with the best parts of myself. I was drinking more, as part of the gig, and also as a coping mechanism for dealing with the stressors of a job that was 100% commission. 

Any of this sound familiar?

Are you possibly in a job that doesn't quite seem authentic? Embodied? Serving your highest purpose? Do you sometimes picture yourself in another city? Doing something else entirely? Living the sort of life that you envisioned when you were a kid? 

Do you get the sense that you were meant to be DOING SOMETHING ELSE?

I began to daydream about what my life might be like without being Seany Mac the radio sales guy. I began to brainstorm alternative occupations that pushed the boundaries of my reality. My partner and I came up with a list of things that we could do, that didn't involve working at a desk job that didn't fulfill us on every level.

NOTE: We need people to work at desks. It's not my aim to demean folks working desk jobs. Within our current reality, there is a need for people to work in offices - it's the backbone of commerce - sales jobs, accounting jobs, transport, HR. But if you're currently working at a job that you're unhappy with, only you have the power to change your own reality. 

We came up with a large list of alternative careers: teaching english in Thailand, alcohol distribution in Chicago (I knew a guy), peace corp. (we new a gal), a juice bar in Hawaii, vagabonding through Europe... and ultimately came back to, what would be my step into entrepreneurship and living a life more in line with my strengths and my authentic self. 

The fact of the matter is, just the process of thinking outside the box changed my perspective. I was in a place in my life where I had the flexibility of a well-paying job, with plenty of free time to explore other passions. I know this is true for you. If you're making ends meet, have insurance coverage and work a 9-5, you're in the exact situation I was in. 

DO THIS EXERCISE: Take a moment to make a list of the things that you're drawn to. What sorts of art, businesses, activities, podcasts, books to you consistently find yourself drawn to. LIST THEM. Bring those passion points up to the surface, get them written down on paper. Acknowledge the things in your life that bring you joy. Read my previous blog post and get your gears turning.

• • • 

It was at this point in my life that my world-view changed, and I opened up to alternative possibilities for my future. I also knew full well, that I had the flexibility to "Moonlight" in researching what would be my new path: 

Sensory Deprivation

During the nightly conversations I had with Leila, trying to brainstorm possible options - I kept returning to an experience I had during my first sensory deprivation experience 2 years prior. My first float...in the basement of a local yoga instructor...WHOM I FOUND ON CRAIGSLIST! At that time, it was deep in the back of my mind - could actually attempt to open a float tank center? I didn't bring it up with her...not yet. But I continued to read about other float centers around the world. 

Floating and owning a float center was an ideal trajectory for me and my interests. I was into meditation, I enjoyed using cannabis and the occasional psychedelic to reach altered states and it was plenty weird enough for me to find real passion in it.

I knew then, and I keep it in the front of my mind that I was meant to help people in this life. I was meant to heal people and provide value in their life. I want to effect the world in a positive way.  But, first I had to convince my partner. It was going to be a hard sell to Leila for several reasons:

1. I had zero business experience/education. Not a class in college, or a pamphlet read. 

2. Floating at the time was pretty uncommon. Around 30 float centers nationwide.

3. She had never floated, so, how would I get her excited about it?

4. This was definitely fringe. Leila is a Taurus, and likes a sure thing...this was not.

5. This did not play to my strengths, as a communicator, leader or sales person.

But, despite these fairly obvious reasons why it would never work - one day, I decided to throw it out to her. I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. I was truly the largest turning point in my life. 

I picked her up from work one winter evening. It was 5, and dark, and raining. And I simply said:

"Ya know, we've been talking about what ELSE we could do in our lives, and moving or teaching or travelling...all that stuff."


"Well, I've been thinking a lot about it, and I think we should open a float center."

"Sensory Deprivation stuff?"


"Ok, lets do it."



"Ok? You really on-board?"

"Sure, it's all about chillin, and it's weird, and you really liked your experience."

"Ok, that's settled."

That was it. The door had crept open.

That was all I needed to charge forward. Immediately my mind started to spin thinking about all the details of what it would take to pull it off. Again, with ZERO EXPERIENCE.

• • •

The next steps were both pivotal and relatively organic.

To be clear - this is where I think a lot of people get hung up. We all have great ideas: products, inventions, business ideas etc. but the thing that differentiates between wantrepreneurs and entrepreneurs is the full commitment. That shift in mentality from a day-dream to an actual execution. To start on the path toward the life that you want. 

You have to start somewhere. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Since I didn't have the experience or resources at the time, I had to throw myself at it completely and the path emerged. 

It was total immersion. I spent every night and hours upon hours on the weekends to learn all there was to know about floating. Before I dug into the ins and outs of running a business (perhaps I was delaying the hard stuff) I wanted to know about the science of floating. I read books like "The Book of Floating." by Michael Hutchinson. "The Quiet Center" and  "The Center of the Cyclone" by the father of floating John C. Lilly. I also had heard a lot about sensory deprivation by listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast. I wanted to be sure that I knew the WHAT of the thing before proceeding into the HOW of pulling it off in a logistical business. 


We live in a time of unprecedented access to information. You have the ability....in an instant to begin learning about how to fix a broken pool pump, or kung fu, or how to make crab cakes. There are tons and tons of resources online to learn about how to open a business, but until you make that decision to dive in, your dream will stay just that. 


While I learned everything I could learn about the origin of floating - Why it's a good thing, what it's used for, who can benefit - I also began researching other float centers around the world. At that time in 2010 there were really 4 or 5 that stood out in the world. At first it was alarming, because, why weren't there more float centers? (There were a few explanations). But I wasn't deterred. I saw the lack of legitimate float centers as a good sign - an opportunity for growth. Google ad words was an excellent resource for my approach. I was finding that thousands of people were searching for float centers in Seattle on google. I began researching the process for getting small business loans, SBA support, angel investors - and ultimately decided I would want to bootstrap it, take out personal loans, personal lines of credit and find a partner. 

My entire reality had shifted. My path forward was now inspired. I had pin-pointed the thing that I wanted my MY THING. And interestingly, it wasn't work, it was research. And as daunting as it was, I was so passionate about it, that the hundreds of hours I was devoting to it flew by. I was diving deeeeeep into a new world of alternative therapies, small business, branding, design, systems, cash flow, interest rates on loans, partnership agreements, equity splits, float tank technology and lots more.

I did hit a snag though. An out-of-the-blue opportunity. 

• • • 

Just as I started to throw most of my free time toward creating a float business, a wrinkle presented itself. Mind you, I was still selling radio, and working hard during work hours to excel as an Account Executive, I got a phone call and an offer for a coffee meeting. Always accept offers for coffee meetings, you never know where it'll go.  

A new radio station has just launched in Seattle, and they were looking for young, energetic Account Executives to be added to the team. Apparently I had been identified as a good prospect. I had been reaching my budgets at my radio station but at the same time was having some conflict with one of the higher managers. I had already committed my future to opening a float center, when I met the manager from the new radio station. He wanted me to join their team. He also asked me to name my salary. I did. He said, that was likely do-able. Then we met again a week later with another manager and we hit it off. They formally asked me to join their team.

So it was. 

I was given an opportunity to increase my salary (which was an opportunity to save a large chunk of coin), change radio stations and moonlight as a budding entrepreneur.

• • •

It was clear to me that the universe was rewarding me for following heart. Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction, The Secret or synchronicity, I honestly saw this opportunity as a direct reinforcement of my decision. It was a not-so subtle cue to keep going. Divine, Inspired, Coincidental, Opportune....maybe all of these.


When we make certain decisions, transformations and shifts in mentality - be aware of subtle external cues. In the midst of your change, do other opportunities present themselves that are aligned with that change? As you're learning something new about yourself, are you getting feedback from others - even though they have no idea whats going on? In The Art of Learning, Josh Waitzkin talks about subtle cues that can inform our process. Working with the external world, and shaping it to work for us is a Jedi move that entrepreneurs are familiar with. Also, when you shift your attention toward something that is aligned with you highest self/highest path, you'll notice things that previously were invisible. 

• • • 

The rest is history. I continued to work my butt off in my new job (which I was thankful for) while doing the work on weekends and evenings toward my first entrepreneurial exploit. Since then, I've opened two float centers - Float Seattle and Float Bellevue, written and sold an Ebook entitled "How to Start a Float Center" (which is currently being updated), and launched a path as a Life Coach, Speaker and Mentor. I've had two kids. I bought a house and now empowered in my life to continue with the same passion that was ignited in 2010. 

I ditched the 9-5 because I wanted to live an inspired life. I want to continue to take risks, follow my gut and charge forward toward my highest self.

So I'll leave you with one question. And before I ask it, I have one request, please don't immediately think of excuses...

Are you doing what you were meant to do? 









Heironymus Bosch - Hell 1504

Heironymus Bosch - Hell 1504

Whether it's a divorce, loss of a job, loss of a loved one, change in life-trajectory, legal situation or inner turmoil about the state of your life....life is complex. At the same time though, this situation will pass. How you deal with this situation is up to you. 

Exercise grace. 

Not like a classy grandmother. Not like a prayer before dinner. I'm talking about a total attitudinal and behavioral intention shift. Go from a pissed off and fired up state - to solid. Shit happens, but it's how you deal with that shit that defines you. You can make the worst of situations into opportunities to get better at life (sometimes begrudgingly of course).

"How you do anything is how you do everything,"    - Cheri Huber

The keys to dealing with challenging life decisions or situations will be presented here in both practical AND non-physical ways - with a focus on staying graceful. In a practical sense, exhibiting grace means keeping yourself together. Behaviorally, in a black and white sense, losing your shit in the midst of a challenging situation is just not helpful. Falling apart is really not an option, because that makes the situation worse and slows the process of getting through it. Les explore a few practical methods for keeping calm,, focused and balanced in the midst of a life challenge. 


Your central nervous system can't recover from heightened states of anxiety and stress without rest. I get it, theres a lot to do, but you're going to be worthless if you're consistently fried...and it'll effect your ability to make non-emotional decisions


If you're like most people and you've explored resolutions to your specific problem already...ad nauseam, but you keep your great ideas in your head, that's non-optimal. Not only is your mental clarity compromised (because you're keeping a BUNCH of shit in your head) but your mind can play tricks on you. Creating lists will help you see the whole situation. Writing lists of possible approaches to your situation will get it out of your head and allow room for higher level thinking. List the people who you can ask for help. List the acceptable outcomes for you. List the things that are getting in the way of the best possible scenario. MAKE CHOICES THAT SERVE YOUR HIGHEST SELF. Not the whiny self-limiting inner monologue. List the feelings that come up for you in this challenge  - just get them out. it's cathartic and addressing that darkness will move you forward.


I understand how it may seem like a distraction or a time-suck, but your body and brain and state of mind are all linked. You have to move that energy man! You have to release the tension you've accumulated in your body in order for your mental state to follow and have a positive effect in your situation. Train your body so that the "doing" chemicals like dopamine and endorphins can move you forward. 


Start today. 5 minutes of wakeful stillness will calm your mind. 5 minutes for 5 days will start to re-program your brain and intuition and tune you toward clarity and eventually reveal some solutions in the predicament you're in. Meditation is a hugely common practice among effective, successful people in various fields. You'll see quickly how important it is to be mindful by calming your tornado mind. There are a million reasons why meditation is good for you. I don't meditate every day, but I at least find 5 minutes to sit quietly and observe my breath daily. It provides a stillness in your life when things are the most dicey. Perhaps more than any other tip or hack here, meditation can be the most powerful for you on your way to being your best self in the wake of adversity. Even if you've never meditated, beginning now, may, in a short period of time, provide you with little glimpses of bliss and fulfillment that you may have never experienced. For these reasons and many...do it. Start here if you'd like. Also look at 2


Of course it's huge. Eat shitty food...feel shitty, think shitty. I'm not a dietician, so I won't tell you what to eat. I eat mostly ketogenically - lots of good fats (avocado, coconut oil, nuts, bacon, grass-fed butter and coffee, intermittent fasting, little to no carbs, lots of veggies, almost no fruit). But one thing I will say is Kale shakes. These don't taste amazing, but it's pretty amazing what it does for energy, and yer poops get healthy and consistent. 

-4 leaves Italian (dino) kale 

- 2 celery stalks

- 1 half apple

- 20 blueberries

- nickel size chunk of ginger

- 6 oz of coconut water or just water (I collect my own water from this spring)

- I saved up and bought a Blendtec blender - blend for a shake cycle


- 1 clove garlic

- MCT oil (shit is amazing, and deserves more attention later #ketogenic diet)

- scoop of hemp seeds

- scoop of turmeric (although I also take a curcumin supplement daily too) 

In closing

These practical behaviors are a tactical way to be more focused, centered and full of grace. Grace is exhibited by being balanced, rested, nourished, organized and open to observe the best solution to that major situation in your life...whether you've experienced one already, are going through one now, or have yet to face one. Without employing this stuff when you're going through something hard, you're may be making things hard on yourself. It's like trying to find your way through a maze blindfolded. Eventually, you'll find your way to the end, but stripped of a major faculty, it'll be harder.

The outward expression of these techniques or life-hacks - is a better version of you that is fit for the situation. Know that whatever you're going through will pass. Everything does. So, deal with it as best as you can, and set yourself up for the best scenario. Do things to optimize your best self.  

Heironymus Bosch - Garden of Earthly Delights - 1515

Heironymus Bosch - Garden of Earthly Delights - 1515


Just one way to get into that intuition

Just one way to get into that intuition


Think for a moment the last time you trusted your gut and it paid off. A relationship? A job? A financial decision? Maybe you avoided something or someone and that turned out to be the right call. We all have an inborn barometer or instinct. Some of us put a lot of stock in that instinct, some don't. Some of us work hard to develop our intuition, some pay very little attention to it at all.

“I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that.”

“Something tells me this person is good for me.”

“I don’t know why, but I feel like I should call my cousin.”

There are lots of ways to develop that intuition: self talk, medication, floating, psychedelics, nature immersion etc. But regardless of how in touch you are with your intuition, there's no denying its importance in your life and your Life Path. There's no denying that your sense of a thing, informs your decisions around that thing.

Data collection is great. Decision-making based on reductionism and materialism is also great.

But finding your Life Path doesn’t happen through reductionism.

It starts from a feeling. It starts from a deep sense around that thing. Do you get feelings or inspiration around certain topics or activities? Are you a people person working all day at a desk by yourself? Are you drawn to the outdoors? Is Art and artistic expression something you're passionate about? Is comedy something you have a knack for? Take a second to write down the top five things you're into. Of those 5 things, do you DO anything about them? There's a reason you wrote those 5 things...if you haven't written them down yet do it now.

Trust your attraction to these things. Have you set up your life to involve those things?

Awesome work! You've managed to incorporate your favorite things into your life, and that's not particularly common. Have you made one or more of these things your career or your Life Path? Spectacular!

But you may not be there yet.


What are you waiting for?

Do you nourish yourself with any of those 5 things?

Trust your attraction, follow your passions, listen to that voice inside you that says “Go for it!”


When you start to live your life in alignment with the things you love, you SHOW UP to the world in a way that attracts new opportunities. I truly believe that the Universe operates on Love and Free Will, and when you start doing more of the things you love, you start to touch on a flow state. You start to vibrate along with the things you love. Momentum begins to roll in your favor. Then, your likelihood of recognizing new opportunities increases, because you're already vibrating on that level.

Call it Reticular Activation System, call it The Secret, call it The Law of Attraction. Call it new wave mumbo-jumbo.

But you will find that the more you are align with the things you love...the more those things you love align with you. Your ability to recognize your Life Path will Emerge!




Are you the type of person who gets jazzed about the change in season? Days get a little longer, weather gets a little nicer, does that pump you up?

It pumps me up...big time.

Suddenly there's just so much opportunity, more growth, more time. Everyone else seems to be in a better mood too. I even feel like I have more energy. Well this is the perfect time of the year to clean up some shtuff if your life that no longer serves you. 

Here are 5 ways to Spring clean your lifestyle.

1. Take advantage of more daylight. The sun is up earlier, and goes down later, so what are you doing to optimize your lifestyle? Your body has a natural circadian rhythm that literally wants you to go Carpe the Diem. If you listened closely to your physiology it would feel natural getting up at dawn and going nighty-night at dusk. Are you not a morning person? This is the perfect time of year to try. Try running, TRY MEDITATING (it may be most redeeming thing you do for the rest of your life), try just getting a head-start on the day over-all...it's really satisfying. 

2. Purge stuff you don't need. Physical stuff. Literally do some Spring cleaning. All the clutter and B.S. that you've been hanging onto since last summer...let it go, it's not serving you any more. "It's too cold" "I just haven't gotten around to it" "I don't have the time." MAKE THE TIME. All that stuff; clothing, keepsakes, trinkets, clutter - it's a karmic drag on your spirit, it's keeping you in the state you're in. This is your chance to take off that backpack you've been carrying around since August. There is not a more satisfying thing than to cross something off your list that's been wearing on you for months. Spring clean your stuff. 

3. Purge mentalities that are no longer serving you. Clean out your spiritual closet. The change in season and days, is the natural order of the planet telling you to switch things up. How? Well, Floating is a great way to reboot your system. Go for a hike. Walk barefoot in the grass somewhere. Take an opportunity for a psychedelic experience - yeah, you're an adult in control of your own consciousness, so do something big to change your mentality. Write in a notebook, and get down on paper what you've been carrying around in your gourd. See a psychic/intuit/healer/shaman (a good one) if you don't know any, email me. Do what you have to do in order to clean out your mentality. 

4. Plant some seeds. It's the Spring isn't it? Set some goals. Put things out into the universe that you want. Talk to a life coach - someone who is trained to help you get what you want out of life. If you're new to goal setting, that's ok. The key is after you set the goals, you work backwards to create a plan for how to reach those goals. Makes sense right? You want to eat crab cakes tonight, well, that's gonna require some ingredients and plan of attack my friend. Spring time is perfect for setting goals and really stating what it is you want. 

5. Get your mind and body right. When you're mind is firing on all cylinders you are at your best, same goes with your bod. I'm all about least path of resistance, and minimum effective dose. How can I optimize how I eat, exercise to get the most? As a serious bio-hacker, I take a ton of vitamins, and nootropics to help me be more awesome. Here's a short-list of supplements I take:

Ciltep, Krill Oil, Magnesium, D3, Bio-Creatine, BCAAs, Dopamine/Serotonin Brain Food

In addition, I drink a Kale Shake every day that has the following ingredients in it, it's not for taste:

Dino Kale, 1 clove garlic, 4 celery stalks, half apple, golf-ball size chunk ginger, lemon squeeze

As for workouts, they vary, especially with a 3 week old baby at home at the moment: 

High Intensity Interval Training 3 days a week, 1-2 hour walk 3 days a week, Sports: soccer BJJ

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, this is a great time to Spring Clean your Lifestyle. With just a few tweaks you may find that you've made yourself more awesome and ultimately more fulfilled and motivated to go follow your path. No one is going to do this work for you - it has to be you. But of course, if you want a little extra help in this thing, fill out the form and lets get after it. 




Ask yourself BIG questions

Ask yourself BIG questions


This is the Million Dollar Question. 

Here's the short answer and there are 3 of them:

1. Reduce the amount of bullshit in your life

2. Trust your gut/higher power/intuition/

3. Be prepared to work

For our purposes here, we'll attempt to unpack this GIGANTIC question one point at a time. So, we'll focus on number one, reducing the amount of bullshit in your life. First, lets define BS. 

I'm defining BS in this case, as people, activities and ways of thinking that clutter your day and your mind with unneeded stuff. Lets start with people-centric BS. 

1. Reduce the amount of BS in your life:


People can be a main cause of BS in your life - in many different forms. Old friends stuck in old patterns can be a main prohibitor in you finding your life path. Do you have groups of friends in which you do the same unproductive activities with? Do you have people who say they're your friends, but really just keep you from growing? Or something more benign...like friends who you love, but love telling you about all their struggles and tribulations (but are unwilling to change).

"You remember Kyle from work, well, he said something passive aggressive to me again today!"

This is an example of your friend (being stuck in a bummer situation) wasting your time. Being there for your friends is important, but if you have people in your life that do nothing but bring you down, suck all your time, and zap all your energy, you may need to consider letting them go. I can speak to this personally.

When I had the idea for my first business - I went through a phase of clearing out the BS. That included neglecting my drinking buddies. Obviously, they weren't too happy reducing my nights out from 3x per week to none - but it had to be done, because it wasn't serving me - and drinking IPAs isn't particularly conducive to finding your calling.

The people in your life are rarely going to understand that you're evolving. When the things that used to be important to you are suddenly not, that can be an uncomfortable time for your friends. They know you in a particular way, and that's familiar to them...so when you start to move away from BS in your life, and toward something  exciting,  challenging, or new, you may alienate the people closest to you. And that's ok. They'll either learn how to shift their perspectives too, through you, or they'll keep in their typical states of mind and find folks that reinforce them.

The other way to look at people causing BS in your life, is your loved ones. Your husbands, wives, kids, sibs...they can all be contributing to the BS in your life. DON'T GET ME WRONG HERE. I want to be specific about this - when you're searching for your life path, the people in your own home need to get on board. This can mean various things.

1. A re-evaluation about how you communicate & support each other.

2. A re-evaluation of how you spend your down time together.

3. A re-evaluation of roles in the home.  

Communication is everything. If...out of left field you tell your partner that you want to move to Italy to practice Judo, that's going to be received with somef friction. But, if you sit down and explain that you've been thinking a lot about exploring a new life-path, that can be a joint opportunity for growth. If your commination style at home isn't particularly supportive, or it's sarcastic...consider changing up those BS habits that aren't serving you. Your partner should support you and your goal for self-actualization. They want you to be happy, but they may be comfortable in your shared paradigm. Just tread lightly and speak from the heart. 

Stuck in a rut? Too much Netflix and ice cream. We all love down time, but if it's become complacent, then talk to your family about switching it up. Sometimes you need to change your state so that you can think in a new way...act in a new way. This new way may drive you toward a more self-actualized life. Zoning out in front of the TV is the opposite of progress, plus, it's garbage, you just watch it because it's on. Instead, read, listen to podcasts, watch insightful documentaries about innovators and entrepreneurs. Just find a way to shake off the cobwebs. No one is going to do it for you.

If you're a mother of 2 who works in the home, and you do EVERYTHING to keep the household rolling, but you want to branch out, that's going to take some getting used to for your family. IF, all-of-a-sudden, you're taking Reiki and meditation classes 4 nights a week on top of your current home roles, you may get some push back. Communication is key. Express your need for re-invention, evolution. Garner support from your partner. Transformation is profound change and it takes a little time. But if it's worthwhile it'll be worth the work and awkwardness at first. 


Email alone can be a life-ruiner. The fact that your email habits are unhealthy can definitely keep you from finding your life path. Facebook is the #2 tech culprit. I have a video about FOMO and how limiting it can be in your path toward awesomeness. Naturally, Facebook is the main perpetrator. So, cut out the BS. Find new tech techniques that are conducive to your growth. 

Stop bringing your phone into bed with you. It's a killer for the libido and intimacy. The blue light is literally tricking your eyes into keeping you awake. Sleep is super important for your stress level and your ability to think creatively. 

I could spend a whole blog about managing technology (I have three businesses, social media accounts but I manage to keep it manageable) but I'll boil it down. 

1. If possible, batch your email use to twice a day. AND NOT first thing or last thing. 

2. Don't sleep with your phone under your pillow. EMFs, blue lights, beeps - not good.

3. Re-think your relationship with facebook - limit how much time per day you're on it.

4. Try canceling your cable. I know, crazy right, but your world will get more creative.

5. Cut out screens for 1 hour before bed time. I know, nuts, but try it for a week & watch.

The key here is to minimize things in your life that are keeping you from finding your life path. It's not on TV. It's not on facebook, or twitter, could be on instagram, but thats only if you've curated a feed that actually motivates you. When you reduce the amount of distracting BS you get from your phone, computer and TV, you'll find that THE GOOD STUFF, finds it's way into your field of consciousness. 

Like when you're meditating, or floating, or doing yoga, or showering, you're not worried about politics, or what your friend did last night. The best of you comes bubbling up to the surface when you're not attached to tech. 

Do whatever you have to do to filter the role tech has in your life, so you can focus on the good stuff. 

Evaluate your life

There's an exercise I heard Tim Ferriss explain in a recent podcast in which he did an 80/20 analysis of the things that were causing the most stress in his life. Cutting out those stressors and BS will have an immediate impact in your life. 


-Make a list of the things that stress you out. 

-Go through the list and figure out which few things on that list are causing the most stress for you. 

-For those few things that are causing the most stress, ask yourself why they're stressing you out, or rather, why you're allowing them to stress you out. 

-Devise a plan to tackle one of those things in the next two weeks. Really focus in on that thing, and figure out when, how, who and why that BS is bringing you down. After you've figured out, change it. No one will do it for you. If you need help in figuring out how to change it, talk to a life coach. If it's past trauma, talk to a therapist etc. 

For many people, the sheer thought of making a list about stressors in their life seems far-fetched. If you're one of those people, you have a long road to hoe. You have to invest time in yourself. If you're not willing to make a list to improve your situation, then you have to be more willing to stretch yourself. Again, no one is going to improve you for you.

Your Physical Space

Clearing out the BS sometimes means actually clearing out stuff. Is your place a mess? Desk at work a mess? Do you have clothes you don't ever wear? Keepsakes that are no longer relevant in your life and not serving you?

Get rid of that BS. 

Donate it. Clear it out. Throw it away. Stuff has an energetic imprint on it. That sweatshirt that reminds you of an old relationship puts you in a vibe every time you look at it. The watch you don't wear, but just sits in a bowl on your counter is haunting you. 

Get that BS outta there. 

Clear out the old stuff that's just hanging on you and dragging you down. Take a moment to get your bedroom organized. A cluttered house is an outward reflection of what's going on for you. Sure, we all let things build up or get dirty, but if you're a chronic holder-onner, or a pack rat, it's not allowing your mind and spirit to expand and strive to new heights. 

Reducing the Amount of BS In Your Life

Ahhhhhh, that feels a little better doesn't it. Now, that you've shed your skin, you can start to look forward to what's next. You can allow new, interesting things into your life now that you've made room for them. 

If you're looking for your life path, that means you're not on it now. And now that you're not weighed down by BS that doesn't serve you anymore you can concentrate on attracting your path and listening to your intuition. Your highest self already knows your path, you just gotta access that consciousness now. 



Life is a trip and then you die

Life is a trip and then you die


Before you start calling B.S. on my or anyone else's ability to answer this question. I want you to consider the meaning of the question. Are we talking about the meaning of all life itself in the universe? Are we talking about the reason for sentient consciousness as we know it to be? Or are we talking about living a life full of meaning? 

I'm hardly qualified to speculate on the first two. I don't have a degree in philosophy or theosophy and frankly don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. Well, unless it's during a psychedelic experience (and there are numerous) a meditation session (which i've done since my childhood) or a float session (3-4 per week). Ok, I do think about it. But here's the punchline.


Does that sound over-simplified? Well, then don't complicate it. Think hard about what I'm getting at. Think about Nature Photographers, Musicians, Body workers, Entrepreneurs. These folks are doing what they love, creating value to people and living self-actualized lives. 

Like a lot of people, perhaps most people, I worked at a job I didn't find fulfilling. 

Sound familiar?

It was a fun job, an easy job. It paid well. I liked my day-to-day tasks. I enjoyed my co-workers and the requisite happy hours with clients. But, that job didn't fill my cup. Sales are a part of life. We all have to sell things; products, ourselves, our dinner preference to a spouse. But selling the product I was selling did nothing to nourish me. 

My job was putting food on my plate, but not filling me with purpose. I was a player in a big game which padded the already bulging pockets of shareholders at the top of the organization. It wasn't particularly improving my sense of self. 

My job wasn't my calling or my life-path. It was just my job.  

So, I started to think hard (like I assume a lot of you do) about what else I could do, that would pay my bills and also create value to people's lives

This is where it starts to tie in. 

When you create value...you're worth something. When your worth something, people will pay you for it. Whether as a car mechanic, a writer or a waiter, when you do something well, people will pay you to do it. I thought deeply: outside of selling...which is all I knew how to do, what could I bring to people that would be of value to them? 

To make a long story short, I decided to open a sensory deprivation tank center. THAT, would be my unique value offer to people. THAT would be the thing that I could be excited about. THAT would be the thing that would bring me income, while doing something deeply powerful for people, creating value for them, while allowing me to live with more purpose. 

I was serving humanity. I was bringing people pain relief, stress relief & meditation. 

Quitting the corporate world to be an entrepreneur was the smartest and scariest thing I have ever done in my life. Believing in my own abilities to learn a new language, apply my will toward something I was passionate about and find solution was the gamble. I had taken zero business courses. I had no prior experience in operating a business, let along an obscure wellness business surrounding something that most people are totally confused by."

But it paid off

Not only was I able to open a small business, and start earning money to live, but I was also living with purpose. 

This was my thing. I had found my first thing!

This is the key to the meaning of life. 

Create value for people in their life. Be of value. Offer something. What sort of service to you provide that is both aligned with you true nature but also is worth money. It's an amazing thing when you are living your life on your true path, and living off that passion. 

The Mark Twain quote sorta nails it.

"Find a job that you enjoy doing and you will never have to work a day in your life." 

I want to take it a step further than "job." I think the old way of how we think of jobs is getting less and less relevant in the Western world. The world needs all kinds of people. Builders, thinkers, artists, salespeople, teachers. And at the same time, the way my parents and grandparents thought about jobs was this: go to college, find a good job, and stay at that job until you could retire with enough money to not have to work ever again. 

This is not how it works anymore. Work has changed. Jobs have changed & thats great!

Technology changes jobs the reality of jobs and work. And it will never go back to that old paradigm. We need to re-think the status quo around jobs, businesses and work. If someone will pay you $80/hr to rub their body...that's not too shabby. If someone is willing to pay you $100/hr to consult with them about their business, great. Sitting at a desk is bad for you health anyway. 

I urge you to think deeply about what your unique gift is. What do you love doing? What interests you? I predict that 10 years from now, there will be more and more businesses concerned with helping people. As an antidote to our modern world, more people are looking for ways to take care of themselves. People are constantly looking for ways to balance the grinding reality of phone alerts, deadlines, emails, traffic, people, advertisements and bullshit. 


Use me as an example. I left the corporate world to open a wellness center, then an ebook, then another wellness center. Now, I'm life coaching, public speaking and leading young people in a fulfilling way. 

There is more room for innovation than there ever has been in the history of the world.

Now is the time to push the status quo. Now is YOUR time to seize exactly what you want from this life. Think outside the box - as it pertains to your life - AND THINK BIG.


More on that soon



What's your strength?

What's your strength?


You may know that IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. You definitely know that IQ is a representation of your cognitive abilities. 

But what is EQ?

EQ is Emotional Quotient and it's defined as: the capability of individuals to recognize their own, and other people's emotions, to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. 

IMO the latter part of the definition is far more important than the former. Defining your own emotions and discriminating between the emotions of another are far less important than using emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. 

Lets dig deeper. 

When you have a high EQ, you forge meaningful relationships more easily, engage in thoughtful conversations and have a better understanding about what makes people tic. This has as much, or arguably more importance than a high IQ. (I'm not a therapist or a psychologist, but data supports this) High IQ tend to have lower EQ. Maybe it helps you to think of it as left-brained vs right brained. Higher IQ people experience more depression and often have feelings of alienation that folks with higher EQ do not. 

We can all improve the genetic hand we're dealt, of course. But once you start to think more about the importance of improving your EQ you'll see that people's emotions and your own often dictate situations. When you improve your EQ, you'll become better at getting what you want. You'll see the personal impact of your behaviors and the behaviors of others. And, since often people can't help how they react to situations (because their emotions are innate and sometimes uncontrollable) taking that into account will make you a better communicator, partner and person. 

So, how can you improve your EQ? 

Pay attention to your emotions for starters. Here's an article from Psychology Today about 6 steps to improve your EQ. 

You can do things to improve your IQ, but improving your EQ may be a key to improving your life and becoming the person you want to be.